South African Women: What are They Like? (2022 Update)

What does South Africa have, aside from the oldest human remains in the world (at least 160,000 years old), the most shipwrecks off their coasts (more than 2,000!), or a street (Vilakazi Street in Soweto) that housed two Nobel Peace Prize winners (Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu)?

This country also holds a wonderfully diverse culture that had it dubbed the Rainbow Nation and especially some amazing women! And we’re going to talk about the latter in today’s article!

Immigration, colonization, and the presence of many resident ethnicities resulted into a melting pot of customs and traditions.

No matter how many nationalities from all over the world have untied over the years to comprise this nation, South Africa has still emerged as a country with its unique national personality.

It is a place where you will find a myriad of beautiful women, possessing a vast array of physical traits and still homogenous despite many differences in habits and traditions.

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There is a lot to discover about the beauty (and quirks!) of the South African woman and in this article. We will attempt to cover the most ground in getting to know their habits and expectations in dating.

There are no hard and fast rules here but that’s precisely the beauty of it – when dating a South African woman, you can infuse your unique style of courtship and perhaps find your perfect match here.

The Dating Culture in South Africa

The varied ethnicities in South Africa has many belief systems, backgrounds and habits. This has resulted into dating and courtship practices differing between ethnicities but many customs and practices do remain universal.

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South African Woman

Patriarchal Society

It is worth noting that even in today’s modern society, the country remains inherently patriarchal by nature.

This influences the dynamics of men and women, which often leads a good number of South African women to seeking a relationship with a foreigner who will give them a more equal stature in relationships.

This is just an important notice since there might be certain points in your relationship with a South African woman where you need to consider or defer to the “men” in their life like the father or other close male relatives.

Open Dating Culture

While individual customs vary, many South Africans engage in normal dating practices – meeting other singles in social settings, going out on dates in malls, restaurants, and cinemas, or dancing and meetups in clubs.

What you may have to consider is their love for rugby and soccer. You may need to pick a sport or a side, so play it wisely. The best advice for this is to get to know your girl better, especially if you are not a fan of either sport.

Always remember though, that where you take your South African girl might have an impact on how she treats your relationship.

You might be introduced by friends, just met in a social gathering or connected through a dating app or website – in the end, you will be judged by the attention you give her, the gifts you give, and the words you say.

You can also get the cue from her – on whether it is just a casual fling or if the relationship may go into something more serious.

How are South African Women Like?

Yes, there are multiple ethnicities and upbringings in South Africa that may lead to varied characteristics in the women.

South Africa Women Diversity

Some may be more liberal and act exactly like Western women do while others tread more on the conservative side in terms of socializing and how they conduct themselves.

But the one thing you will surely need to know is to learn how to respond to your advances.

For example, a South African girl of Indian descent may be practicing the traditions of courtship inherent in her parental culture, but she may also be a modern day South African career woman.

Then, your instincts must come into play. You will have to gauge your level of compatibility as you go along.

The ace of a South African beauty is her resilience and flexibility. Although they are born into different molds, these women have learned to adjust and co-exist beautifully.

So, you can truly expect that once you have captured the heart of one, she will do her best to adapt to you as well.

Do Girls in South Africa Speak Good English?

Do you know that South Africa has 11 official languages? Don’t worry because the girls are mostly bilingual and yes – one of the languages that they often speak is English.

While in South Africa, you will be easily understood by the locals, however, speaking is another ballgame.

South African English may be slightly different from your normal English fare. It is their own unique brand of English with many words used differently with some words coined then infused into their own brand of English.

Of course, you will need to contend with an accent but this is not the most confusing thing to many visitors of the country.

As communication is truly one of the keys to a successful relationship, you must understand how South African women may use expressions like:

  • “Ach! Shame!”
  • “Now-Now”
  • “Let’s Chow!”

You don’t want to end up in a friendzone and hear her say that “You’re just like a “boet” (brother) to me.” She’ll ask you to take her for “braai”, which is barbecue – and boy, they are the best when it comes to this!

Just be aware that these terminologies do exist and it may easily slide off her tongue and you’ll end up thinking “Huh?” Learn to take a minute and ask – they will be good-natured enough to explain.

Please don’t make insensitive comments like – “You have weird English” because it strikes a raw chord.

Asking for clarification is always a good way to go. And it goes both ways, should she ask you to clarify something you said, don’t be a domkop(idiot) and explain yourself nicely as well!

How do South African Women Look Like?

South Africa Women Looks

We cannot stress this more – South Africa is THE melting pot of races from ethnicities of African, Asian, Latin, and European descents making the colors of all skin tones meld into one amazing people.

You will find your statuesque dark-skinned goddesses endowed with near-perfect features, to the wispy light-skinned beauties of different body types and everything in between!

There has never been a country where you can see ladies who are obviously of different backgrounds but sharing a common language, loving similar things in life, pushing the same causes, and living together like sisters.

(Oh, yes, they can be catty and fight, too!)

This is the allure of the South African beauty – regardless of what physical type she is, they have that passion and fire that further boost the physical appeal.

Dating a Girl from South Africa: Tips for Foreigners

While it will not be easy to cover the entire breadth of the customs and traditions of the women in the Rainbow Nation, here is a useful summary of tips and tricks; do’s and don’t when dating a South African girl.

Expect a Chaperone

On you first date out, or even first few dates, a decent South African girl will have a companion tag along. Whether it be a big brother, a girlfriend/s, or a younger sibling, she won’t go out alone with you.

It’s part of the local culture that someone loves them and has their back – so you must never mess up. So, don’t take offense, instead, be ready.

Be Ready to Pay Up

South African women are used to gallantry on the first date. As mentioned above, there will be a very high probability that a chaperone/s will be with her so be ready with extra budget.

First impressions do count and footing the bill shows her how sincere and serious you are about moving forward. Any arrangements later you can be made but that is a long way down the relationship road.

Chivalry Matters

A bit of gentlemanly ways will never hurt. South African women love it when they are treated like a lady and being gallant will give you brownie points.

Open car doors, seat her first in the restaurant, be considerate of her needs – and you will find a way to her heart.

Learn the Local Lingo

A lot of English is spoken in South Africa but as mentioned above, there are tons of words that are used in local conversations that might slip out when you talk. She might invite you to have some “dop” or alcoholic drinks.

“Howzit” is simply “how is it going?” – and no, she’s not asking about any acne on your face. Make learning fun and you will bridge the small talk eventually towards an understanding of each other.

Women in South Africa

Preferably, Learn to Love Meat

Hopefully you are not vegan or pescatarian because a South African girl is most likely a hardcore carnivore. Who wouldn’t be with their world-famous braai which a platter of delectably barbecued meats paired with yummy carbohydrates?

This is one of the things you are sure to encounter – braaiing – whether with friends, family, or even one-on-one with your Saffa date!

Learn to Dop

Of course, there must be some alcohol to down all that meat, so “dop” is inevitable. It may stand alone, be mixed with some cola but seldom with beer.

Local South African beer is considered “dodgy” by the locals so better learn to like something else or pay up for an imported bottle.

Compliment Her, Even if She’s Shy

One trait South African girls have is that they tend to downplay compliments. Don’t feel bad if they brush some nice words off as if you said nothing because simply it is local culture that they are shy about it.

They do appreciate it and it affirms them – just don’t be offended if she seems to shrug it off.

Love Your Pets

Majority of South African women have a filial love for their pets. She will surely have a dog, cat, or bird at home and will dote and talk about it. Many men even lament that they tend to love their pets more than their men!

But of course, women have many chambers in their heart so don’t be insecure. Just learn to appreciate fur babies and nature.

Family is Important

If your relationship with a South African woman gets more serious, then it’s time to meet her family – if you haven’t already. South Africans – regardless of ethnicity – practice asking for the bride’s hand in marriage and having the family on your side will make things smoother for you in the end.

Sincerity, thoughtful acts and tokens, and consideration of your South African girl’s family habits and traditions will surely be your ace.

Make Your Connection

The best way to date a South African girl is to have that inner empathy and sensitivity. Because of the diversity in this country, there is simply no putting of their habits and customs in a box.

The common stuff that they love are in this ultimate guise to dating South African girls so you have a great base on how to start.

Sincerity and communication are the keys to any successful relationship. In strengthening your connection with your South African girl, be flexible. Try to understand her family’s culture while enjoying the general ways which they flourish socially.

Learn to ask questions and apologize if you unintentionally offend. Give and take is inevitable. Believe me, the journey is worth it when you get to know your South African girl better.

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