Top Skills You Need to Really Impress Any Girl

Want to be able to impress any girl? Don’t be a typical chump, you might have to spend some time learning a few new skills!

From dancing to being well-mannered, from cooking to knowing how to dress, there are some things that will make a woman feel attracted to you. And the more of these skills you master, the better your chances of impressing any girl out there.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out these skills that you need to know to impress women anywhere in the world.

Being well mannered

good manners win a girl

Being well mannered is a great way to impress a girl. Men are judged by the way they treat others in today’s society, some wrongfully believe that chivalry is dead.

However, men should be careful not to forget the most basic courtesy: always open the door and pull out the chair when a lady leaves the table.

Men should also make sure that they walk on the outside of the street. In addition to these basic courtesy tips, men should learn to be more polite in general.

These simple things will give you a huge advantage over most people out there. I can be a colder type of men (like men from Germany are usually considered), but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be polite!

Women love respect and politeness, so make sure to treat her as such. Be respectful of women of all ages and don’t be aloof or stiff when you talk to her.

Make her feel important by paying the bill or offering your seat to her. Or offer her your jacket when it’s cold outside.

These simple acts of kindness and respect will make any girl happy for sure.

Being able to dance

couple dancing

Let’s face it! Men usually suck when it comes to dating and girls claim that they have nothing against men who can’t dance.

This might be true, but it’s also true that if you DO know how to dance, you basically have an advantage over all men out there. Really!

While learning to dance well can be difficult, it’s a good idea to at least learn some basic moves.

Unlike other forms of expression, dancing isn’t about flashy displays of your abilities. In fact, learning basic moves puts you ahead of non-dancers and it might be just enough to score you the bonus points.

While it may take time to perfect your dance moves, the simple act of knowing how to move and how to perform them gives you a massive advantage – one that no girl will leave unnoticed.

Being able to really listen to her

couple talking

One of the most important things that you can do to impress any girl is to listen carefully to her.

By listening carefully and providing appropriate advice, you can make her feel comfortable and this will strengthen your relationship with her.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about live talking or chatting on Instagram or other social media, being a good listener gives you extra points. Always.

Making her laugh

making a woman laugh

Make her laugh when you’re with her. By making her laugh, you cement a connection with her and make her more attracted to you.

You can start a conversation by making fun of something she’s familiar with, such as her favorite TV show or food. Likewise, you can make her laugh by asking her simple questions or telling nice jokes.

Observation comedy is another way to make a girl laugh. Rather than relying on your own unique sense of humor, make use of things around you. The result will be long and entertaining conversations filled with laughs.

Try to figure out what makes her laugh, then try to translate that into something she’ll enjoy. This way, you’ll impress any girl. Make her laugh with funny one-liners and funny stories.

Mastering the art of cooking

being able to cook

You can impress a girl by knowing how to cook a dish that will make her want to lick her fingers.

While it is not necessary to make food from a five-star hotel or cook trials of every dish you make, it helps to know how to mix those ingredients and make food that tastes great.

Also, make sure you have mastered the art of presentation. No guy should serve his food casually; you should present it artfully and show her how much you know about food.

Expert tip: You don’t have to become a chef capable of preparing a huge variety of dishes. Master two or three and it’ll be enough to impress any girl out there!

Playing an instrument

man playing guitar

It is one of the most impressive skills you can have. And you can literally look at all those superstars out there to see how much ladies love them. Sure, their looks matter too… but the fact that they can play an instrument does too.

While playing an instrument may be considered a sign of a man’s virility, women will associate it with his poetic sensibility.

There are many YouTube tutorials from aspiring musicians that can help you learn how to play. Regardless of their quality, playing an instrument will make you look cool and sophisticated to any girl you meet.

You can also show off your artistic side by learning to play an instrument like a guitar. This seems to be the instrument that’s most appreciated by girls, for whatever reason.

Though it might seem like a large commitment, it’s worth it, as playing an instrument helps your brain grow and improves long-term memory. This also makes you more mentally alert, so it’s truly a win-win scenario.

Playing an instrument is easier to learn than learning a foreign language. But it requires a lot of practice and dedication. You can’t score big unless you put in some work though!

Being great at a sport

man good at basketball

Yup, this means that you have to get off the couch and put in some work… but the good side here is that you don’t need to be a professional athlete in order to impress a girl.

But you do need to be at least somewhat good at a sport (and no, writing messages fast doesn’t count!) Choose a popular sport that she knows about – one you maybe can teach her a move or two – and you’re on your way to scoring. No pun intended.

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at a team sport or an individual one – a female-centric hobby or club activity is bound to impress a girl. Well, maybe not if we’re talking about some sports like darts, sumo or chess… but you get the idea.

Knowing how to dress well

sharp dressed man

Knowing how to dress can go a long way when trying to win her over. A good outfit can say a lot about you, such as your sense of style, respect for yourself, and the type of lifestyle you live.

Dressing for success depends on the message you want to send to your lady love. Although a woman may not need a man who dresses to the nines, knowing how to put together a flattering outfit can help you score bonus points with a lady.

I personally enjoy seeing how much clothes matter, especially in the meeting phase. It doesn’t matter if the girl is from a poorer country like Indonesia (and you know I love Indonesian girls!) or from one that’s considered richer – you will always impress if you dress well.

And I don’t necessarily mean designer clothes or dressing above your means. That’s actually something you shouldn’t do. Instead, learn to choose clothes that fit your body type perfectly, match those colors well and you’re winning!


As you can see, these skills that can impress any lady out there are pretty generic and, apart from the time required to master them, are not extremely difficult to get.

Of course, you don’t have to master ALL these skills in order to impress a lady. Just a few well chosen and matched ones will do as well!

But back to you now – what other skills would you recommend a man to learn to really be able to impress all women out there?

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