Russian Men: What Is It Like Dating One?

Russia is a very diverse country spanning 11 time zones – with everything from sea to snow. The country itself is a cultural melting pot of ethnicities.

Because of this, you can easily expect that Russian men would possess varied values, habits, and lifestyles. But today we’re going to try and sum them all up in our complete guide to men in Russia.

While it is true that there a lot of differences amongst Russian men who come from different regions, there is, thankfully, a strong underlying common outlook and similar practices throughout the country.

We have compiled these similarities to give you a head start on what to expect when dating a Russian man. See what makes them tick, what they like and what they don’t and ultimately learn how to make them yours.

Let’s explore their characteristics and how it’s like dating a Russian man!

Characteristics of Russian Men

guide to men in russia

Boys Don’t Cry

Russian men are alphas – they don’t want to display weaknesses and keep any troubles or inconveniences to themselves.

They do share their vulnerable sides but this is so much deeper into a relationship.

Even at that point, their disclosure is still limited compared to Western men. This might not be appreciated by feminists but this is a cultural norm for them.

They might seem cold – somewhat like men from Germany, but if you’ve been with German and a Russian, you know that their “coldness” is very different.

Patriarchal and Protective

Hand-in-hand with being alpha in the relationship, Russian men are generally protective of women (and children). Expect them to take control of situations and do their best to bring a positive outcome.


Don’t be deceived by the sometimes-brusque masculinity and the rugged tone of their speech. Together with their protective streak, Russian men are romantic.

Some may not succeed to the point of cheesy, but it’s their way of expressing their admiration and affection to you.

Straight to the Point

Russian men have an honesty about them that borders on bluntness. They are more comfortable with being direct and will correct you when necessary. Their humour is often a bit sarcastic and self-deprecating.

Don’t mistake their intentions – they mean well. Culturally, they are just used to saying what they mean – not beating around the bush.

What It’s Like Dating a Man from Russia

Social Circles (NOT Social Media!)

Russians are collectivistic in nature – meaning they lean heavily on social networks to get things done.

They have various cliques – family, workgroup, a circle for their city or town. Don’t be annoyed or jealous if you will find people incessantly popping in or asking favors – this is a usual practice among Russian men. Ties and friendships are deeply rooted.

Difficult to settle down

Although in the Russian culture, most men look for potential wife material when starting to date a lady, they can get easily distracted by others. It’s difficult to have men from Russia settle down and especially be 100% loyal.

It’s not very difficult to lure them in and make them go crazy about you, though. If you really want to get the upper hand in making him 100% yours and interested, this guide is the absolute best and the only one you need to read. Do check it out by all means!

His Gentlemanly Ways

Despite the dominance of Russian men, they are chivalrous when dating. He will foot the bill for your dates, give flowers and gifts, carry things heavier than your purse – the gentlemanly works.

This is part of their protective, patriarchal nature that they would like to “protect” you. They also love physical proximity to those they feel connected with.

dating a man from russia

Not a Feminist’s Dream

During dates, gender roles are huge. The guys are expected to take the lead and be manly. The ladies act feminine.

The topics of conversation will also drift along that area – with the man talking about “manly” pursuits while the ladies disclose their “girly” hobbies.

Tips When Going on a Date with a Man from Russia

It could be the 1st or the 30th date and maybe you still haven’t cracked their code. Let’s check out some tips for dating Russian men – these will always come in handy.

1. He foots the bill. It is not customary for the woman to pay on dates. It’s not even the cultural norm to even offer.

2. Keep the drinks social. We know that it is stereotypical for Russians to be able to drink their way under the table but it is bad manners and unsightly for you to be intoxicated on a date. It is considered a sign of weakness.

3. Best foot forward. Russian women always get dolled up for dates. And so should you! You don’t need to spend too much, just be at your best. This is an indicator that you value your time with him by preparing for your meetups.

4. Be cool. If he showers you with compliments – don’t respond with false humility or pride. Accept his admiration gracefully – with a smile and thanks.

5. Gracious with gifts. Likewise, be gracious in accepting gifts – he might give one token too many.

They’re not necessarily expensive stuff – some may be thoughtful trinkets or something you mentioned that you like. It’s just customary for them to give gifts to the girl they date.

They might take your hesitation or awkwardness as rejection. Show appreciation whenever he gives you anything and whenever he helps you out. Genuine thankfulness goes a long way with them.

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6. Let him rescue you. If it’s okay with you, Russian men would love to come to your rescue. Just don’t make it a game – ask for his help when you genuinely need it.

7. Appreciate his vulnerability. Your Russian guy is really into you when he puts down his macho side and tells you his frustrations, his weak sides. It means that he’s comfortable with you and you’ve gained his trust.

8. Love can’t wait. There are no rules on how fast a relationship can prosper. Since marriage is the goal in most scenarios, don’t be surprised if you receive a whirlwind proposal if you hit it on well after a few dates.

9. Don’t take him shopping. While he will spend on dates and gifts, don’t push it too far by making him pay for personal items. It might be taken the wrong way and viewed as downright distasteful. Avoid these awkward situations by avoiding shopping when he’s with you.

10. Caution with signals – Be careful with using hand gestures – there might be some that are accepted in your culture but are taken as obscenity in Russia!

11. Swear Bear. Don’t be surprised if you find your conversations peppered with swear words. Many Russian men often do that, though not necessarily all. But don’t jump into the boat and swear yourself as it is deemed unladylike and low.

Go That Extra Mile

Now that you’ve heard more of what it’s like to date a Russian man, it might be overwhelming and even not what you expected. The key to a successful relationship with a Russian guy is knowing that his “love language” might be different from guys of other nationalities.

The characteristics we have mentioned are not meant to undermine you as a woman.

Their original intent is to revere you since females take an exalted seat in the Russian culture for their strength and being recognized as “the keepers of the family.”

Assimilate more of his culture to understand him better. Learn to speak his language, if possible. Not only will he appreciate it, but it will also give you deep insight into his culture. It is important to learn how to keep a Russian guy as well.

Once you’ve gotten to know your Russian guy, you can enjoy the flutter of your heart as he wins you over with his romantic ways again and again.

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