Moldova Girls and Women: The Ultimate Guide to These Hidden Gems

Beautiful and mysterious, Moldova has yet to grow in prominence in the map of commercial tourism but it is well on its way to making its unique imprint in the world.

Located at the fringes of Eastern Europe, landlocked at her borders by Ukraine and Romania, it is a country that can be likened to a diamond in the rough.

Girls in Moldova can be considered just the same. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful women in Moldova and you’ll be surprised how interested they are in dating foreigners!

It’s a small country, after all, and anything from across the border seems exotic to them.

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Moldovan Girl

Moldovans are not innately touristy with effusive personalities. Once you get past this barrier, you will find that they are simply either busy and minding their own business, cautious, or careful not to offend a foreigner.

The Moldovan woman is considered to be among the cream of the crop in terms of beauty in Eastern European women.

Not only do they possess inherent physical beauty but they have a certain mystery and allure about them that intrigues men from around the world.

Many want to get to know Moldovan girls better but they either get blown off or get pursued by women who have the wrong intentions. So, what is the perfect approach to a Moldovan woman?

Make sure you read this guide first. Written by a female dating expert, it will cover all the steps you need to take to make sure that Moldovan beauty you’re going after will be yours without doubt!

The Dating Culture in Moldova

Dating in Moldova

While dating in the country is reasonably normal, you must realize that the locals value relationships strongly.

You can easily approach woman and elicit a friendly response, but you must know that they will not go off their guard and let you in emotionally until you earn their trust.

Singles in the country usually openly date with the goal of getting married. But don’t worry too much about this – younger girls are more modern and won’t date you with the sole intention of tying the knot.

It is relatively cut-and-dried that when you get the girl to agree, a casual first date is in order. There are many venues to go out on a date as well as varied activities that can be done in Moldova.

You can opt to visit historical spots, churches, and museums. There are dancehalls, cinemas, and restaurants offering sumptuous Moldovan cuisine.

But eventually, you must be ready for the nightlife which will most likely involve some time in many of the famous wine bars across the main cities.

I told you that Moldovan ladies know how to party – and they do love it as well. This is good for you, because after a few drinks, everybody becomes more open minded…

And truth be told, as a foreigner, you will have a major advantage over the locals. If you are from a country considered to be “rich” (like the US, UK, Western Europe), then you’re as close to getting panties thrown your way as you can get.

Jokes aside, I found this to be true: Moldovan girls love to get outside of their small country’s physical borders and they love dating foreigners. Sure, there are a few gold diggers or scammers there, but you can easily avoid those.

Even better, you don’t have to physically go there in order to meet your dream Modovan woman.

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Now that you know Moldova is relatively stress-free with regards to dating and getting to know the ladies, shall you dive in immediately? Read on to know more about the traits of the ladies in the region.

Moldova Girls: Characteristics

Moldova Woman

In Moldova, there are no restrictions placed in a woman’s participation in public life. They can work or choose to manage domestic life.

But due to the lack of employment opportunities in general for the country who is still finding its feet after historical upheavals and eventual independence, you will find many women in Moldova balancing work and home and a personal life.

The undeniable physical beauty of the Moldovan woman has opened for them many opportunities in the field of entertainment and hospitality.

Moldovan girls are well-dressed and put-together. They spend a lot of time taking care of their physical appearance and you will see that they are all fit, with beautiful shapes and particularly beautiful faces.

I am surprised that the country is not more popular due to this reason alone. Moldovan women are breathtaking beautiful!

Education and work ethic are strongly valued with state education in the country being accessible, free and secular. So don’t expect them to be too naive: they are smart and quirky.

This results in an open-minded woman who is eager to face new challenges and explore the world. Do not misconstrue the eagerness of the Moldovan girl to get to know foreigners as something negative.

Due to the limited opportunity in the country, many girls dream of finding their path outside their country – and why not if it is with the right guy? One more point for you!

Do not fall into stereotyping the girls in Moldova, though. They may be one of the most beautiful women in the world physically but they are also gifted with inherent tenacity for pursuing their goals, intelligence and wit, as well as the zest to expand their horizons.

Do Girls in Moldova Speak Good English?

Most girls in Moldova speak relatively good English. Since the 1990’s, the educational system in Moldova has included English as a first foreign language in schools.

On top of this, many learn Spanish, French and Italian as new languages and many of them speak Russian.

The advent of the internet and social media has also helped greatly since the problem of most Moldovans earlier on was that understanding English was not a problem but conversing in English was.

Now, girls are more exposed to various media like music and movies that are in the English language, making for better comprehension. The availability of language exchange programs online as well as social media allow them to practice speaking the language as well.

When conversing with them for the first few times, avoid using slang or phrases with double meaning just to avoid misunderstanding.

As a relationship progresses, you can gauge the level of comfortability your Moldovan girl has with English. Remember – when in doubt, never hesitate to clarify or ask!

But don’t just expect them all to speak English – or good English. In smaller cities, the number of Moldovan women you can have a conversation in English drops significantly. But consider this a challenge and opportunity, and not an obstacle.

Moldovan Girls: The Looks

Beautiful Moldova Girl

When the gene pool for good looks was being divvied up, the girls in Moldova were first in line. They had the biggest and best share!

Suffice to say, the combination of European heritages resulted in the country having a very physically-attractive female demographic.

While many of them are compared to Russian and Romanian beauties of which they share common ancestry, Moldovan women have a unique look of their own.

The traits found in their local communities are diverse but the quintessential Moldovan girl has long and lush hair which may be blond or brunette, a slim build and beautifully deep eyes which could either be brown or blue.

They are often termed as effortless beauties – ladies who can go out with minimal makeup but still look fresh and flawless. The look combined with the cute accent arouses a lot of curiosity from the men.

Fortunately, even though they don’t need to put in efforts to look good, they do their best to maximize their traits. They know how to dress, they wear makeup and smell good. They are perfect in this regard,

Although physically attractive, the Moldovan girl doesn’t hype up her prettiness. She might like nice things – branded clothes, expensive shoes, or nice stuff but these are items of status that they invest in. Don’t be misled as they know how to treat a man right once they place their trust on you.

Dating a Moldovan Lady: The Do’s and Don’ts

Dress the Part

When going out to meet Moldovan girls, make sure you are not shabbily dressed. Not only will you be gauged according to your looks and presentation, but they will see it as a sign of your interest and level of respect for them.

You don’t have to be wearing a high profile suit, but investing in your clothing and having some easily recognizable brands on your clothing will help. Even a pair of designer shorts and a brad t-shirt could impress under the right circumstances.

Make sure you smell nice too and are freshly groomed!

Kiss and Greet

It is a common practice in Moldova for women to be greeted with a kiss on the cheek or kissing the hand.

You can accompany this with a nice greeting like “Bună ziua” (Good day!) or “Noroc” (Hi! But actually means “Cheers!).

Please don’t just shake her hand, unless you’re meeting up for business and address them by their first name.

Be Straight and Honest

In whatever aspect you need to agree on, you must be frank to your girl. You need to inform her if you don’t drink, if you won’t be able to make it to a date, or if you plan to just stay a few minutes and go.

It is a major offense in Moldova if someone puts themselves to a lot of trouble only for you to ditch or fall short.

The Wine Factor

Moldova is big on wine. It is a source of national pride and a symbol of hospitality. So, where is this leading to? A visit to a Moldovan home or joining as a guest means who WILL have to take in a glass or two or even more of wine.

If you don’t drink, tell your girl or host at the outset, otherwise they will be deeply offended. Be honest if you have any cultural, religious or personal values on wine from the start.

This could be a dealbreaker. If you don’t drink, she won’t drink either and you’ll have a lot to lose.

They even have a wine that translates into something like “Bull’s Blood” and is described as “good for women if men drink it”. So learn to enjoy your wine, you hot blooded bull!

The Art of Giving

Don’t forget to bring a token when visiting. It could be something thoughtful like flowers or a cake. It can be a gift for your girl.

Do this especially if you are invited to a special occasion or when she invites you over with time to prepare. You are always expected to bring a gift – but something small and inexpensive.

When at the visit or event, expect your gift to be reciprocated with – you guessed it! – wine.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • When visiting a Moldovan home, remove your shoes at the door before you enter.
  • Never point using your index finger. Use your open hand, for instance, to indicate direction or call attention to something which is at a distance.
  • Remember to open doors for the ladies or you would be chalked up as rude.
  • Don’t point out the obvious negatives in their country. This is a touchy subject. Yes, they are aware of the inadequacies of their land and they make the best use of what they have.
  • Don’t compare them to Russians and Romanians (even if they themselves do the identification). This may offend some girls.
  • Clean plate please – don’t leave leftovers when dining as it is a sign that you disliked the food.

Price Tact

When visiting Moldova, many tourists often rave at how affordable it is in the country. While this is true, refrain from gushing at how cheap this or that is.

In truth, to the average working person in Moldova, the same price that you are paying is quite expensive as the low cost of living is matched by lower salaries.

Your tourist’s dollars are much appreciated but just be tasteful not to seem like you are gloating that you can afford all these things easily. She knows you do, anyway!

Additional things to note about women in Moldova

Travelers have begun beating a path to explore this lesser-known former Soviet republic because of the beautiful terrain of hills and forests, the lovely people, and the fact that it is home to some of the world’s largest wine cellars.

This goes perfectly hand in hand with meeting Moldovan women which are unique and extremely pleasant to be around. These girls do know how to have fun and today’s complete guide to women from Moldova surely helped you get better knowledge on how to make them yours.

Visiting Moldova is also very affordable compared to other European countries. The capital, Chișinău, and other bigger cities offer a surprisingly active and high quality night life scene.

But you can get equally lucky in finding your next crush in the smaller cities and charming villages in the country. It’s even easier to impress a girl here, if you can get past the language barrier (we’ll talk a bit more about this later).

Arguably, the jewel in this Eastern European country is the innate warmth of the people. Yes, many visitors might comment initially that there are a little standoffish and rarely smile but this is mainly an external cultural difference.

This is how people in Eastern Europe and Balkans actually are. But when a Moldovan woman smiles… then you know it was well worth waiting for it!

A Beautiful Experience Awaits

While the visual of Moldovan girls are very Western and modernized, always keep in mind that they have cultural habits and traits that are unique and different.

The Moldovan history has shaped its women to become resilient and adapt to the ever-changing situation of their country and how it affects their status.

Communication and understanding are always the keys to a successful relationship. You won’t find a multitude of articles on Moldovan culture and habits but you have the best source of information when you establish a good pathway of communication that will lead you to appreciate her culture better.

We raise our glasses of fine (Moldovan) wine to learning about new places, new customs, and traditions in your quest to finding the perfect Moldovan girl! Noroc! (which means “Good luck!”)

You will surely love the experience. Moldovan girls will make sure you do!

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