Italian Men: How to Get them into a Relationship

We all heard of Italy’s tremendous beauty. Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes, its great coastline and beaches make Italy a dream country for many people.
Italy is also known for its great cuisine, rich culture, history, fashion and art.
But what about finding love there? What about men in Italy?! 

A near-perfect relationship

Most of what a romantic woman would ask for in a relationship it finds in one with an Italian man; emotional, passionate, special and unforgettable.

Undoubtedly the culture and traditions are a part of the Italian men’s nature. So the way a relationship with an Italian proceeds is definitely a bit unusual and affected by their cultural habits and traits.
But do not let this disappoint you because dating an Italian is worth all the effort.
Let us find out why!

It’s not very difficult to lure them in and make them go crazy about you, though. If you really want to get the upper hand in making him 100% yours and interested, this guide is the absolute best and the only one you need to read. Do check it out by all means

Character traits & dating guide

Beautiful personality

Italian men are gorgeous inside and out. Besides their appealing looks, Italians have some “hard to find personality traits”. They’re kind and warm hearted people with a great sense of humor and a legendary hospitality. They are also very enthusiastic and try to enjoy their life at their best.

“Worry less, smile more” would describe the best positive energy that they reflect.

Good looking

Italians are known for being one of the most attractive people in the world.
They’re tall, handsome and charming. If generalized; They’ve got that dark skin, those brown(or blue maybe) eyes and that well-kept beard that make them desirable to any woman.

And the important thing is that: they’re aware of how irresistible women find them so they take pride in their appealing looks.

Beatiful young couple having fun while visiting Venice – Tourists travelling in Italy and sightseeing the most relevant landmarks of Venezia – Concepts about lifestyle, travel, tourism


Physical beauty always catches attention, even more when combinedwith a good taste and great sense of style.

Italian men have got it all together. No matter where you are You can easily recognize an Italian man by his amazing appearance. They put an effort on looking decently good and they really excel at it. A good physical shape combined with an attractive hairstyle, and impeccable outfits make Italians definitely one of the most fashionable and impressive men in the world.

Passionate and Quick Tempered

Italian men have a passionate nature. They’re full of emotions and passionate about everything. But the way of how Italian men express their feelings is often criticized by different cultures and seen as a bit dramatic.

They tend to be very impulsive and quick-tempered. They won’t hesitate to get into any discussion and express their feelings with a loud voice accompanied by hand gestures. But the good thing is that as easily they get mad so they flame up. They don’t hold grudges so he may be angry at the very moment and in the next 5 minutes showing love and care.

These behaviors affect the relationship as well. Being with a passionate Italian man has its positive side too.

There will be cute fights and conflicts very often, sometimes even for the small things. But the reunion is very sweet since Italian are good at being romantic. They’ll treat you well and always make you feel special as in the first day. Being emotional is just their national trait.

Family over everything

  • Strong family bonds are another important national trait of Italian men.The importance of the family in the Italian men’s life is huge. They value their family circle and anything related to them such as the moments they share together, gatherings, chats.

Italian men have a strong link with the female part of the family, specifically with their mother. They treasure their sisters, and the mother is the one whose opinion counts the most.
“You know me better than I do know myself, so your word is the last word”- a common expression between an Italian men and his mother before taking an important decision.

  • When it comes to dating an Italian man, you may feel like you’re dating his entire family. They’re always present, so getting along well with them is an advantage for your relationship. If he’s falling for you, he’ll probably meet you with his mother first. You’ll be invited to family dinner, events and eventually be a part of it and have the same importance to your Italian man.

Cooking is culture

  • To Italians food isn’t just a food but it’s also an art, a culture and identity. It’s  a part of  their roots.
    The strong Italian family bonds perhaps is the reason what makes food important to them. A Sunday dinner table is what unites them and food is what adds pleasure, joy in their conversation.

Yeah Italy has a rich cuisine but who takes credits for best cooking? In most cases, the mom! Usually the women of the family are responsible for the cooking. You can learn more about Italian cuisine here.

So the stereotypes that all Italian men are good at cooking may not be 100% true. However, they do understand how food should be cooked, what should be added to a dish and what should not.

So if you’re going to date an Italian man, watch out what you cook. And if you’re not good at cooking either, you better get used to have lunch and dinner at his mama’s very often.

Later Marriages are their thing

To Italian men, tying the knots takes a lot of responsibility. It’s a commitment. Most of them live with their mama until their 30’s and reduce the costs, while they work on their career. 

According to several research Italian men tend to marry after their 30-s(34y.o most common age they got married). So before dating an Italian keep in mind that you’ve got to take things slow and forget the early wedding plans.

Jealous – you belong to me

When Dating an Italian man, in general, you might feel a bit frustrated until you both build trust in your relationship.

When it comes to the woman they love, Italian men tend to be more jealous and possessive than the other cultures. They just want to have your full attention, and probably be the center of your world. They’ll get easily jealous of seeing you with any male friend, or even going on girl’s night out.

 Flirty but Loyal

Italian men are known for being the best at flirting. It’s their natural attitude.

You’d realize that this is a true fact by just walking down the Italian streets. There would be lots of whistles, catcalls and ciao bella-s . It’s their way of expressing their feelings when impressed by a woman.

It’s the same when dating them. They’ll be showing all their Casanova’s capabilities. You’ll be flattered all the time. They’ll be giving you compliments, making romantic comparisons, saying sweet words. In a nutshell, when in love, Italians are the best romantic poets…

They’re not punctual

Women tend to be always late. They even get late in their own wedding. So this tells us that this habit is universal for all women.

Have you always wondered if there’s a man that doesn’t get mad waiting for his partner on the date?!

Indeed, there is, Italian men.

They’re bad timekeepers too. So not showing up on time at anything is not a big deal for Italians because probably, they’re not  going to be ready on time either.

9 Ways how to impress an Italian man

Man with a flag of Italy standing in morning field
  1. Share a glance- This is all you need to do to get his attention. The rest of the moves belong to him. He’ll come to you.
  1. Play hard to get- Don’t fall too fast, the chase is always challenging and they just love it. If you made it to his mind  and heart, they’ll work hard to win you over.
  1. Speak your mind- Since Italian men are very open minded, energetic and loud, they expect the woman to be confident and express their feelings. Must say that a shy or a quiet woman wouldn’t be very noticed by them. 
  2. Dress to impress- it doesn’t have to be something flashy. Just take care of yourself and make an effort on looking good because you’re dating a fashionable man; an Italian.
  1. Respect his mama- If his mama likes you, how can a mama’s boy not love you?! And if possible try to get used to that mama is always in the first place.
  1. Cook his favorite meal- Italian men just love homemade food so anything of the Italian food would be welcome. Ask his mom to teach you some of his fav recipes.
  1. Laid back woman- don’t rush things when dating an Italian man. They’re a free spirit and the least thing they need is pressure. A girl who’s down to chill in all the fun ways is a perfect match for an Italian man?
  1. Let him know about your feelings- show him love in any kind of way. They love to be spoiled by love. Maybe “Mama” is the answer to why they’re like that…
  1. Learn some of Italian- speaking a little bit of Italian or learning some romantic phrases would make him feel valued. Italian men are grateful people, anything done for him no matter how small means a lot. you can start learning Italian here.

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