How to Tell if a Girl Has a Crush on You [8 Obvious Signs]

Do you think that maybe that girl that keeps looking at you and smiling might have a crush on you, but you’re still not sure? Well, today I will list the 8 most obvious signs that she’s really into you so that you can finally tell for sure.

A few signs she has a crush on you can be obvious: she keeps looking at you, smiling at you or giving you compliments. She also keeps adjusting her hair when talking to you.

She makes sure you have a good time and seems to agree with everything you say.

If you notice some of these signs, she probably has a crush on you, so you should move fast to make her yours. Read on to discover more of this signs (or get a bit more in depth with the ones I already mentioned)

1. She keeps looking at you

girl looking at you

Sometimes, a girl can give hints about her feelings by constantly looking at you. She might make more eye contact than otherwise, or she might quickly look away when you look back.

If you catch her blushing often when looking at you, you can bet that you’re her current crush!

You have to pay attention to all the signs, including her body language and the way she talks to you. She might be just shy or very friendly. Make sure to also read the previous article on how to tell if a girl is friendzoning you.

Another sign that a girl has a crush on you is her body language. It shows her interest in you through her body language and other behavior. She might look directly at you when you interact with her or lean toward her when you talk to her.

2. She touches you as often as possible

One of the first signs of a girl’s interest in you is her touching you more often that others. We are social beings, after all, and touch is an important sense. Therefore, we tend to touch the ones we have feelings for more than others simply because it also makes us feel good.

She may touch you “accidentally,” hug you, or even fix your hair. She will find all sorts of excuses to touch you – if she does, she is most likely into you.

No matter if she is a little shy or really into you, touch is a sure sign of a girl’s interest. You can also notice her noticing your clothes and making an effort to touch them.

3. She gives you compliments

When you see a girl complimenting your appearance, you know she’s interested in you. You may be able to discern whether she’s interested in you by her compliments and other actions.

Women who have a crush on you will pay you multiple compliments throughout the day. You’ll often find that she will mention a feature you’ve overlooked or noticed that she likes.

You can even catch her saying something funny or jokingly about you, as she’s showing you that she appreciates you. These are all tell-tale signs of a woman who’s interested in you.

The compliments aren’t necessarily about your looks only. Actually, in most cases, she won’t be that direct. Instead, she will compliment your skills (read here about the ones that will impress all girls), your style or anything else worth mentioning.

4. She keeps adjusting her hair when talking to you

girl fixing her hair

One way to figure out if a girl has a crush on you is to notice how she adjusts her hair.

If she keeps doing it whenever you’re around – especially when you first meet, then she might like you more than a friend.

Don’t expect her now to take out her hair brush out of her purse and start applying hair spray! Usually, she will do minor adjustments to her hair, like tucking it behind the ear or simply dragging her fingers through her hair.

She usually does this automatically, without really thinking she’s sending a message: she’s doing this to look as good as possible around you. So yes, a good sign that she’s into you!

5. She blushes around you

I’ve mentioned this briefly at point #1, but it deserves more words.

When a girl starts to blush around you, it could be a sign of attraction. Especially if this happens when you talk to her, ask her something, compliment her or when you catch her looking at you.

Of course, the blushing might be a result of embarrassment, anxiety, or even shyness.

If you’re wondering whether a girl is blushing around you, consider this: Does she blush when you compliment her?

If yes, she’s probably attracted to you. If no, she may be shy or anxious, or maybe she’s just anticipating a social pressure that will make her blush.

shy woman

6. Her friends tease her when she’s around you

The best way to tell if a girl has feelings for you is to observe the behavior of her friends. Most likely, they already know about her being into you and they won’t waste many opportunities to tease her.

You’ve probably seen or experienced this constantly. It’s just them trying to help and send you a message. So whenever you get signals like this, go for it! Her friends know that she’s into you and they give you the green light to act.

7. She tries to talk to you as often as possible

When a girl has a crush on you, she may be constantly texting you. Or trying to be around as much as possible in order for an in-person chat. She might be trying to be the one that gets most of your attention. All of these are signs that she is really into you.

If you know a girl’s friends, you can take advantage of these clues. For example, if she’s often hanging out with friends, she might try to get alone with you or pay more attention to you than her group of friends. This is another sign of a potential crush.

At the same time, if she’s known to be a really shy person, talking might not be her thing. At least not yet.

So if you know her to be shy and she gets extremely silent when you are around, this might also indicate a crush: she could be too scared to talk or worried that she might say something wrong.

Just read all the signs and draw your conclusion based on them all.

8. She laughs at everything you say

girl smiling

If she laughs at everything you say (especially if you’re not known for your great sense of humor), she’s probably interested in you.

Laughing is one of the most natural and honest feelings – and having fun around a person is a great sign. So if she does find you funny (especially when others don’t) then she might have a crush on you.

Sure, she might just have a strange sense of humor, but even if that’s the case… she’s still nice to be around!

Wrapping up

These would be the signs that she is into you. If you think I’ve missed any obvious ones, don’t hesitate to let us all know by sharing a comment below.

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