How to Start Dating after Divorce: Tips for Men

Whether you have been in your previous relationship for a long number of years or mere months, getting back into the dating scene can prove to be overwhelming, no matter if you are male or female.

Divorce is a very emotional experience that leaves a degree of hesitation to even meet new acquaintances, I know that.

But, at some point, old hurts and insecurities must be shed and you must venture out to seek like-minded women, no matter if we’re talking about a fiery Dominican or a more laid back one like girls from Moldova generally are.

If you are wondering how to start dating after divorce, we have tips for you in today’s article! (Note: This article is for men, but one dedicated to women will arrive shortly!)

Dating after divorce for a man

dating after divorce

Before we step out, let’s take stock of where we are, emotionally. Life has moved on and new routines have been established.

Once you have determined that you have overcome the rawness of divorce, then you’re ready to adjust your mindset to entering the dating scene again.

Let’s go through the best steps to get us prepped for dating!

1. Go for a Fresh Start

Now that you have all the time to yourself, it makes sense for a newly-divorced man to hit the gym, join social clubs, and yes, party!

The most valuable advice when you are rebuilding your confidence in relationships is to do all these activities for your enjoyment – and not to use them to “hunt” for potential dates.

Get into events because you enjoy them. Reexperience the joys single life. The gym and exercise you join for better health. Go to clubs and parties to reconnect with friends!

The first mistake that men make is they use their familiar activities and haunts to try and meet up with women.

Females who have been around you have already formed an opinion about you, especially if they are privy to the circumstances of your divorce.

The last thing you want is a pity party or be rejected by someone who thinks you asked her out on the rebound. This only results in a trail of ruined friendships and broken connections.

DO activities that make you happy. Socialize, exercise, or try new things with your well-being in mind.

DON’T make things awkward within your social and work circles. This usually happens when expressing interest in someone who didn’t respond well to your invitation or approach.

2. Know Your Dating Intentions

The right frame of mind is very important when you want to get back into dating. You don’t want to be with someone while you are on the rebound.

At this point, it would be wise to take a minute and consciously decide on your dating intentions.

Forget what your social circle dictates “You should go out more” and “You need to loosen up” are some of the well-meaning bits of advice that are dished out but, in the end, you must set the pace.

What do I want? Do I just want to date casually? Or am I ready to get serious in case I meet the one?

Remember, it’s okay even if you are still testing the waters and just want someone just to have a good conversation and hang out with. The right date at this stage need not get too serious even.

You must know what you want out so you won’t be giving signals to your date that might be misinterpreted.

Always remember that an intention is far less stressful than a goal. There is no pressure to achieve anything – just a stress-free and fluid mind-setting process so that you won’t jump into anything too much at the start.

Perfect examples of dating intentions would be “To talk to women I like given the appropriate opportunity.” Or, “Message X number of online profiles of women that catch my eye.”

DO go easy on yourself and intend to accomplish small dating tasks knowing that you are putting yourself out there and testing the dating waters.

DON’T burden yourself with seeking the perfect partner at the first goes into your foray back into seeing women. There is no deadline!

Best Way Get Back into Dating After Divorce

dating after divorce is difficult

It is probably some time since you’ve been dating. Meeting people has now evolved from blind dates, speed dating, group outings, and many traditional ways of starting a romantic relationship.

In this day, the best way to meet women after a divorce is through online dating. More and more single women are turning to match sites to find someone who they can get along with in life.

Online dating is the best way to get back into dating after divorce. You might raise an eyebrow in skepticism but the users of reputable dating platforms and apps have continued to increase since people have realized what a useful dating method it is.

Our top recommendation here is International Cupid. Here, you can find thousands of women of all ages, from all over the world, interested in starting a relationship.

Trust us when we say that this is the best way to do it. Just give it a try and you’ll be back in the game as soon as possible and extremely satisfied.

You can be as old school as it gets, but you will love this website which will help you connect with other ladies easier than anything else!

Here is why an online dating website is the best choice for a divorced man who wants to start dating again:

1. A Great Start

Dating online is a great way to optimize your resources. All you need is a membership to a reputable dating site, a good internet connection, and a great attitude.

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your room when meeting women online. Forget the hassles of rushing through traffic and spending for a drink or meals only to discover that you’re incompatible.

Dating sites make it easy on members by matching profiles who have shared common interests.

After a few chats, you can determine if you would want to meet up in person.

online dating after divorce

In many instances, connecting through online dating may not lead to romantic relationships but deep friendships are forged.

Browsing through compatible profiles online is a breeze compared to being overwhelmed by mixing socially.

2. Expressing Interest is Easier

Sending a message or showing interest in a profile is much easier than having to muster your courage and create a pick-up line.

A friendly introduction, a nice emoji might be all that it takes for the perfect woman to reply. After all, what have you got to lose after pressing send?

3. Privacy Protected

When using a reputable online dating platform, your profile will only show your user name and the photos you allow on your page.

Messaging will be limited to the application so you needn’t give out your phone numbers or email. That is certainly a plus. You can disclose some of your private details later on as trust and confidence build.

4. Allows for Exploration

It is a fact that we do not meet the perfect match on the first try. Online dating allows for the anonymity of getting to know more than one woman at a time while you aren’t committed yet.

You aren’t limited to getting to know one profile. For sure, your online date is also looking for someone who she could get along with as well and understands the process.

5. Starting Fresh

Online dating opens us up to meeting beyond our social circles. It extends to people of different professions, nationalities, ethnicities, or other demographic qualities that we would not naturally interact with.

It is a pleasant way of discovering that common interests, habits, and ways of thinking can meet virtually and connect. Online dating shatters the limits that dating IRL poses.

Why is dating after divorce so hard?

Well, there are various reasons why this happens, but the main reason why dating after divorce is hard is that you’re simply “rusty”. It’s probably been years – if not decades – since you had to think about dating.

It’s like starting over again and meeting women after divorce is definitely not easy. It can make you uncomfortable. You can be insecure. You might not have a lot of options in your current circles and making new friends might be more difficult than it was years ago.

This is why we consider that choosing an online dating website is the best option here. It makes everything easier – from finding women that are interested (since it’s an online dating website, ALL women there are interested!) to breaking the ice and chatting.

It helps you get back into the game easier and takes away most – if not all – of the stress and anxiety that dating after divorce can come with.

best platform for dating after divorce

Many relationships have sprung from dating apps, even if eventually, the thing still needs to be done in an old-fashioned way. But until we get there, always have these things in mind when choosing an online dating website:

1. Choose Your Dating Apps Wisely

Be selective and join online dating sites carefully. You can consider your dating preferences. Well-reviewed online dating sites with longevity are great picks. I repeat, our top choice for people worldwide is International Cupid.

But if you want to tune it down to a specific country or region, you will most likely find options as well.

Check out our list of countries to see the best dating sites and app in various places that we’ve covered previously..

2. Be Open-Minded and Honest

When creating a profile, just be yourself and put down your preferences and interests without embellishments.

Avoid the “too good to be true” trap that tempts you to paint a glorified picture of yourself.

3. Paying Members are Better

A member who has paid for her membership in a dating site means that she is verified and has a degree of seriousness in her search for a partner.

Don’t put your guard down, but at least you know that to some degree, the profile has been vetted by the website security.

4. Safe Online Dating Practices

Dating online also entails care in our private details. Never give out your personal email address, home phone, or home and work address. Never post or send photos that might compromise your privacy.

Always add a drop of common sense when dating online. Just enjoy the banter and take your time.

Have Fun Dating Online After Divorce!

Finding a partner isn’t a race and dating online should be fun. It frees up time and money and opens the opportunity for connecting with more people.

Be patient and take pleasure in banter. Be direct and get to the point whenever you want.

Eventually, you will weed out the real connections and find the ones that will spark into relationships in real life – whether romance or friendships.

In the new normal where we are hampered by many health and travel restrictions, online dating will help you get back on the dating scene after divorce. What are you waiting for?

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    • International Cupid (recommended above) has an international reach, with a huge percentage of US visitors and a decent amount of people from India as well. It’s the best choice in our opinion, with tons of features and most importantly – ladies actively looking for a relationship.


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