How to Date Ukrainian Girls: A Brief Guide

Interested in dating Ukrainian girls? We are here to help you with your quest with this brief guide on how to date these women successfully. We also included some do’s and don’ts to help you with the faux-pas that you can do as a foreigner. 

Ukraine has been in the center of the news in recent years because of the political turmoil it is facing. Overlooking this fact, people find it as one of the most alien countries in the world because not many visit the country. It is also important to note that, while being European, traditions they have are different from those in the West. 

However, there are people who are enthralled by Ukrainian women because of their captivating beauty. Sadly, not much is known about these beauties because not only are they hard to find in the world’s top social media sites, there’s a lot of misconceptions about them. 

If you are interested in dating one, how can you get their attention and make them love you despite your different cultures and beliefs? This article will answer these questions for you and explain to you what it will be like to date a Ukrainian girl and make your relationship stick! 

Dating Culture in Ukraine

Ukraine’s dating culture may be a surprise to many because it is not as influenced by Western dating traditions. The country is very proud of its heritage and culture and this influences how people think about relationships and marriage. Before dating a Ukrainian, you need to be aware of their dating culture. Although there are people who will accept the Western ways of dating, most will not. 

It is also important to remember that although Ukraine is near Russia. These countries share some similarities when it comes to their culture, there are still areas where they differ. 

The largest cities in Ukraine are Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa. While the first is the capital and the second is pretty cosmopolitan, the third is famous for its beautiful seaside and it is a great place to visit in summer.

Ukraine is also an extremely affordable country. Its currency the Ukrainian hryvnia has a pretty low value when compared with western currencies like the dollar, euro, or the British pound.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the dating culture in Ukraine: 

It’s a long process!

Ukrainians – both men and women – make a point to get to know the people who want to date them before they go any further. You will need to insert a lot of effort to get them to open up. However, when they do, you will slowly get to know what they are like as a person. 

Foreigners are ok for Ukrainian Girls

Many Ukrainian girls are pretty open to marrying foreign guys because they dream for a better future and be in a stable country. They also do not want to live in uncertainty, especially when it comes to their relationships. For them, foreigners can be trusted and can help them achieve their relationship goals. 

What if I really love her?

If you really love your Ukrainian girl, you should have at least gotten to know each other for 6 months before you propose to them. Experts say this is important because this is roughly the same time people who do love each other get to see other’s qualities. 

What do Ukrainian Girls Look Like

Much like their Slavic neighbors, Ukrainian girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. They are naturally slender with rich and luscious hair, glowing fair skin, large eyes and prominent cheekbones. You won’t easily find Ukrainians who are not one of a kind wherever you go around the country. 

To support their great looks, Ukrainians maintain their beauty with the help of constant pampering and workouts. Young Ukrainian girls will even tell you they have gym membership and go on regular trips to the spa to get themselves prim and proper.

Ukrainians also dedicate a lot of time into maintaining their looks because it is a part of their culture to always look presentable. Sadly, this will mean that you have to wait for them to finish for a long time. 

Ukrainian girls are also very fashionable and won’t even care if it’s winter season. They will dress to flaunt their figure and it’s not uncommon to see girls wearing fake accessories to keep up with the need to look stylish. 

Characteristics of Ukrainian Girls


Ukraine is a conservative country and because of this, gender roles are practiced in the country by everyone. Ukrainian women are very feminine, especially in their clothes and surprise you when it comes to how they are around people. 

Family Oriented

Thanks to their conservative beliefs, Ukrainian girls are very family-oriented and their ties with their families are very strong. As a result, they will look for people who will also show the same love and care to their families. When you do have a family with them, your Ukrainian wife will make sure that everything at home is in order and taken care off. 


You will be surprised by how caring Ukrainian women are. You will easily see it in the way they act towards you. They will take good care of you even if you don’t ask them to do so. They are very dedicated to making sure that you stay happy and loved. 


Since Ukrainians value their relationships and how strong they are, they are very loyal to the people whom they trust and love. It might even be surprising how loyal they can be, especially if they consider you as their soulmates. Instead of cheating and looking for another lover, they will sit down with you to discuss any issue that may occur between you so you can stay together. 

Do Ukrainian Girls Speak Good English?

Like most Eastern European countries, the number of people who speak good English in Ukraine is not that much. If your Ukrainian love lives in the city, like Kiev, they will definitely be able to communicate with you in English on a conversational level. However, if they are older than 30 or live outside Ukrainian cities, you may find it difficult to find someone who can speak to you fluently. 

If you intend a Ukrainian girl but not so sure if they can speak English well, it is ideal that you are at least adept in conversational Russian or Ukrainian. Knowing conversational Russian and Ukrainian will reduce the possibility of misinterpretation and misunderstandings which can affect your relationship with them. 

The Ukrainian language is pretty similar to Russian, as they are both Slavic languages. Learning one or the other will definitely help with your journey in the country.

For example, “no” in Ukrainian/Russian may mean you are willing to compromise with them but for you, “no” means that’s the end of it. The word “yes” is also a word that can mean something different for Ukrainians because they will think they are fully behind what you want but for others, it means it’s not sure yet. 

Ukrainians usually have a very strong accent, even if they are very good English. As a result, it can get a bit hard to understand the girl if they get into something serious. If you can’t understand them, don’t be afraid to ask for any clarifications. They will understand if they see you are trying hard to listen to them. 

Of course, don’t forget to be considerate of their accent and not laugh at them. Ukrainians are very proud of their heritage and you laughing at their accent will definitely be against your chances. 

What to Expect in Dating Ukrainian Girls

Always Compliment Them

For some people, Ukrainians – whether they are male or female – give a high level of importance with how they look. But, if you take a little look closer, Ukrainians know their value and won’t hesitate to show it. Giving them compliments will definitely make them feel special and know that you appreciate their efforts. 

Food in Large Amounts

Slavic people, including Ukrainians, are very good with food and you will definitely find yourself taste testing both traditional and exotic Slavic meals thanks to your girlfriend. They also appreciate good food every once in a while, so best get to practicing! 

Straightforward is the Best Policy

Ukrainians are not afraid to be blunt when you speak to them, especially when it comes to their relationships. If they see something bad or questionable, you will definitely need to tell them the truth and get it resolved immediately. It can be hard to get their forgiveness if you fail to do it. 

Location is always important!

If you are taking a Ukrainian girl out for a date, you need to know that they will look at the location thoroughly. It must be something out of the ordinary if you really want to make an impression and it must also be private. 

Date Ukrainian Girls Today

Ukrainian girls can be hard to date, especially if you do not know how to do it correctly. Ukrainian girls know their worth and while it may sound like they are too proud of themselves, they understand the value of relationships and want the best for their future. 

If you are able to understand their culture and get to know them, you will find yourself filled with love because they will love you faithfully and make you feel loved every day. 

Make it a point to do your research first about Ukraine and its people to make sure you don’t make any faux-pas in the process. You should also exert some effort into getting to know them well and not rush things. 

We hope this guide was able to give you an insight regarding dating Ukrainian girls. Like in other relationships, be patient and truthful because they will definitely appreciate it. Good luck! 

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