Filipino Girls: What is it Like Dating One

Considering dating Filipino girls or already start? Check below some important tips on dating women from this Southeast Asian country

The Philippines is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia with a rich history and culture. It has 7,107 islands filled with something new for people to explore: from pristine beaches to unique tourist attractions you can’t find anywhere else. 

What makes people love coming to the Philippines are the people, who are often described by many to be welcoming and friendly. Some foreigners even say that they love having Filipino friends because of their unique characteristics, while there are others who end up falling in love with Filipino women for their charms. 

Why do many foreigners fall in love with Filipino women? In this article, we will look into what you need to know about Filipino women if you want to date one in the future. Understanding what Filipino women are like will help you see their culture and get to see their insight which can lead to a great relationship with them. 

Dating Culture in the Philippines

Before you learn what Filipino women or Filipinas are like, you need to know the dating culture in the country which may surprise you and may play a key role in getting them to say “Yes” to being in a relationship with you. Although several cultures have influenced the dating culture in the country, a majority of Filipinos still adhere to the traditional dating culture known as “Panliligaw” or courting. 

Here are the basics of the dating etiquette followed in the Philippines: 

Men do the first move

If you want to date someone in the Philippines, it is most often that the man makes the first move. This applies to who should be the one to introduce themselves or asking someone out for a date. Women will wait patiently for the men to move, especially if they are from the provinces which the practice is still being followed. 

There are a few women who may be the ones to ask for the first move, but this is very rare. 

Men must get the parent’s permission to court the woman

In some cases, Filipino women won’t date someone if the man does not get the permission to date them from their parents. Some Filipino parents will need to be updated regarding the whereabouts of their daughter at all times and even require a curfew. There are even a few parents who will ask someone to serve as their daughter’s chaperone during the date. 

Nowadays, this part of the dating culture is not always followed but there are a few that do. If you want bonus points with their parents, make it a point to ask anyway even if the woman says it’s not needed. 

PDA has limits

In the Philippines, PDA is not very open like in Western cultures. If the woman you are dating follows the traditional Filipino dating cultures, PDA is only reserved for their significant other. While there are Filipinas who don’t mind PDA, it is important to take note that not everyone will be supportive over the gesture.

Religious values must be valued and practiced

A majority of Filipinos or 86% of Filipinos are Catholics and it influences their mindset regarding relationships and family. When dating one, be mindful about their values and don’t disrespect it. Some Filipinos take their religion seriously and it will affect how they will see you. 

Men must meet the woman’s entire family

Once you get their attention and they feel comfortable with you, you know that you are in the next step if they introduce you to their entire family. This does not just involve their direct family but also their relatives. Filipinos value their family and your relationship will take a dive if they don’t give you their approval. 

Pamalae before marriage

If you have popped the big question to your beloved Filipina, you must also do the Pamalae. Pamalaye or Pamanhikan is the time when the man asks for the blessing of the woman’s family for their wedding. The man will bring his entire family to go to the woman’s house and introduce each family together then formalize the engagement. It is also the time the family starts making preparations for your big day. 

What do Filipino Girls Look Like?

Now that you know the dating culture in the Philippines, you can now look into what Filipino girls are like. When it comes to appearance, Filipino women are feminine which can be traced to the image of a “dalagang Pilipina”, a refined woman who exemplifies grace and the warmth all Filipinos have. It is not uncommon to see Filipino women who have Spanish genes in them, which accentuates their large eyes, small mouth, high nose and slightly colored skin. 

In terms of height, Filipino women are not that tall compared to their Western counterparts. Some do try to make do with heels and platforms, but they are at their happiest when they are not wearing heels. It is also not common to see overweight Filipino women as they do their best to keep their shape by exercising or watching out for their food intake. 

Filipino women also take their time in grooming themselves daily, especially when they go out. They take their time sorting their make-up and hair, plus match it with their clothes and accessories. For most Filipinas nowadays, even if they are not going out, they must be presentable. 

Characteristics of Filipino Women

Filipino girls are known for many characteristics which makes them appealing to many men worldwide. Here are some of the best characteristics of Filipino women that you will definitely love. 


In the Filipino culture, family is very important and they always think about them wherever they are. If the family approves of your relationship, everything will go smoothly for your relationship. If you are given the go signal to visit the family, do your best to be respectful and woo them properly. 


Since most Filipino girls are Christian, it is a high possibility that you will be dating one from a Christian family. You will definitely see their belief in their actions, which you must respect because it is something that has been passed down from generations. If you disagree about something, you have to be willing to make a compromise. 


Filipino women are very thoughtful, especially on special days like birthdays, anniversaries and other important events in your life. They will do their best to make you feel special these days and even surprise you with their little gifts. 


When you start courting Filipino girls, they will be very sentimental over the things you do. They will save trinkets from your dates and even remember them at random days which you may end up celebrating. 

Do girls in the Philippines speak good English?

If you are worried if Filipino girls can speak good English, you don’t have to worry about that. In a 2000 census, around 63.7% of Filipinos reported that they can speak in English to some degree.

Most of these Filipinos are located in Luzon, while others are located in the developed areas in the country. In Manila, in particular, around 82% of its residents can speak in English. Although some residents from rural areas are not as fluent in English due to educational differences, they do have practical English know-how to communicate. 

Since they are able to communicate in English, you won’t have any problems talking with Filipino women. However, it is a plus if you learn a little bit of their dialect, especially if you will be dating those from the Visayas and Mindanao regions. There are 8 major dialects in the country and 100+ other languages in certain areas of the country. 

When the Filipino girl that you meet is not very fluent in the language, be patient as they try to find the right words to speak to you. Some may combine their dialects to get their point across, which is why it would be a bonus if you can understand it. 

What to Expect When Dating a Filipino Woman?

Always court them, especially if you get into a fight

If you are dating a Filipino woman, you need to always make them special or “suyo”. “Suyo”, in English, refers to showing one extra attention. Show that you love them and you are sincerely sorry if you get into a disagreement with them. 

Make the effort to get their heart

Filipinas can be hard to get and you will need to make an effort to get their trust and love. It may take a while but once you get their heart, it will be a love like no other. Of course, as mentioned above, you have to keep courting them to show that you really care. 


Although Filipino women are refined and feminine, do not underestimate them. They are also very feisty, especially if they are fighting for what they believe in. If you challenge them, be ready for a fight!

Filipino Beauty Unmatched

Many have recognized the beauty of Filipino women and it is not surprising to see foreigners picking the Philippines as their home because of their Filipino loves. When in a relationship with Filipino women, it feels like you are right at home. 

But, before you consider dating one, you need to understand their culture because it will affect the quality of your relationship with them. Failure to do so may affect your chances in getting the perfect Filipino love. 

We hope that this guide will help you change your mindset as you prepare in dating a Filipino woman that may change your life forever. Be patient with them and accept them for who they are and everything will surely fall into place. 

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