Dating Mexican Women: What Do You Need to Know

Want to find out how you to date Mexican women and get them to say yes? Find out how you can do it by checking out this guide. 

When it comes to romance, Mexicans are some of the most romantic people you can ever meet. From their music, drama to their culture, romance and love is in blood and everything they do. As a result, falling in love with one will definitely be a surprise, especially if you come from a country that isn’t as romantic or open about their emotions. 

If you are considering dating a Mexican woman, it is important that you are familiar with their dating culture. If not, it is possible you may not be able to make a good impression. To help you out, here’s a brief but detailed guide 

Dating Culture in Mexico

When it comes to dating, Mexican dating culture is one of the most in-depth ones in the world. Romance, music and family will be the common theme throughout the courting process. Some Mexicans also apply Old World customs in their dating culture preferences, as well as Western customs. 

Here are some of the dating traditions you need to know if you plan to date a Mexican woman:

Men make the first move

Traditional gender roles are still embraced in Mexico even if some areas are influenced heavily by American traditions. With this said, men are the ones who are expected to make the first move and be the dominant one in the relationship. 

Modesty is the best policy

Mexicans value modesty when they are dating and they don’t brag about their “virtues” to the public. To them, they take their time to improve their appearance and don’t talk much about their virtues unless it is being discussed. 

Personal space is very relaxed in Mexico

Personal space is pretty much a relaxed concept in Mexico. You will see some PDA happening around you but there’s no malicious intent in them. People also don’t see anything wrong with PDA and you will see it often for couples. 

Romance is everywhere

Mexicans are known to be very romantic and some may find this a bit too surprising at first. However, it is one way to show one’s love because Mexicans are very vocal in their feelings. Don’t be too surprised if the lines they use are cheesy because for them, it is natural. 

No premarital sex

Although Mexicans are pretty free with their love, they don’t engage in other acts like premarital sex. They will only enter a sexual relationship if both are already committed to one another and they will not part ways. 

Engagements take years

In Mexico, Mexicans take their time to get to know their partner before they go to marriage. Engagement often lasts from one to two years, or even longer, depending on the couple in question.

Fathers Get Consulted First for Marriage

If your relationship is leaning towards marriage, you must consult the father first if they will grant their blessing to you. If they do, you will be expected to reciprocate it by doing the “la seranata”, or a grand serenade performed by a mariachi band.

In case your Mexican love comes out to listen, that means you are good to go to the next step. If you don’t make the right impression, you will have to go back to step one. 

What do Mexican Women look like?

When it comes to what they wear and how they wear makeup, Mexican girls are taught early. They will wear feminine clothing which are in feminine colors, with pink the center of the show. The clothes will also be tight to accentuate their figure and their home clothes will also be tight-fitting. 

mexican women

Mothers also make it a point to teach their children to wear makeup by the time they start high school. The colors they use vary depending on the woman’s facial features and sometimes, they can do their makeup even if they are in the car.

They also take their time to take care of their figure and skin with the help of good food, exercise and skincare. 

Lookwise most Mexican girls have a “Latina” look, mixing the looking of indigenous Americans and Europeans (mostly Iberians). Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is a country of immigrants that came to settle in the country since the Spaniards arrived in the region. This adds to a wide variety of shapes and sizes of Mexican women.

Characteristics of Mexican Women


True to their romantic heritage, Mexican women are very passionate when it comes to their relationships. From their actions to their words, they will definitely show it to you. If you are not used to passion, you’ll learn how to appreciate it. 


Mexican women are very cheerful and they definitely know how to go get some good fun. Wherever you bring them, they will be the star of the show and even discover fun ways to be happy even in a dull location. 


Mexican women are always known for being assertive and not afraid to tell others what they feel about things. They will also fight back if their values are challenged by anyone and assert that their opinion is correct. With this said, you do not want them to be your enemy. 

Do Mexican Women Speak Good English?

Mexico is a popular Latin American destination for many foreigners, including Americans which are near the country. Unfortunately, this does not mean that English is practiced prevalently in Mexico. 

According to some studies, only 12% of Mexicans are familiar in the language while 4% are fluent, most of them are located in the major tourist destinations in the country such as Cancun and Mexico City. Younger Mexicans are also proficient in the language, especially those who have studied in university or college. Those living near US borders are also able to speak conversational English well. 

Spanish is the most used language in the country, which will be a plus if you are able to speak it fluently. Even if you visit areas which are tourist destinations, not everyone can speak the language without fail and some may confuse you because their proficiency is not very good. 

If you will be dating a Mexican woman, it is best to practice both English and Spanish to be able to speak to them without problems. If the woman does know English but is not that fluent, don’t hesitate to speak to them in Spanish. They will definitely appreciate it and understand that you are taking your time to get to know them. 

What to Expect in Dating a Mexican Woman?

You Pay the Bill!

When dating a Mexican woman, don’t expect them to pay the bill or even pay half of it. Mexican women are very traditional and for them, men should be the ones to pay for it and make it special. 

Traditional romance

Mexican women are also very romantic at heart thanks to their dating culture. With this said, they expect that you woo them the old fashioned way. From walking while holding hands to cheesy romantic lines, you will have to do it to get their interest and love. 


As mentioned above, Mexicans are pretty serious when it comes to following superstition. Don’t be surprised when they suddenly tell you to do something because its “tradition”. Even if you don’t believe it, they do so respect it when it happens. 


Mexican women are always late and pretty much you can pin it down because of their habits. Even if they tell you they are almost done, they aren’t. But, Mexican women will acknowledge your patience when they do see you and put it as a good point towards you. 

Date Mexican Women Today!

When it comes to passion, love and romance, Mexican women know how to make you feel it in every action they take and words they say. They will also show you a different side of love that you may not see in other cultures and change the way you see the world the longer you are with them. 

When you do get to know them and get their trust, you will realize that their beliefs shaped who they are and you can also apply it in your relationship. Your relationship will be stronger and you will appreciate things that you never thought are important when it comes to love and relationships. 

If you are indeed planning to date a Mexican woman, make it a point to find out their dating culture first and what they want in a partner before jumping right in. Learning the language is also a big plus because it will prevent any misunderstandings, especially if the Mexican you are dating is not that proficient in the language.

You should also be patient with them because they take their time getting to know a person rather than rush things. Mexicans are also very strict when it comes to their dating culture and relationships. 

We hope this guide helps you out in understanding your Mexican love and teaches you great ways to woo them. Remember, patience is a virtue and you should also remember that these women are in for the long run. It’s up to you if you want it to be your forever or not. Good luck! 

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