Dating French Men: How to Get One to Date You

When thinking about France there’s so many things that come to our mind;
“the city of lovers”- Paris with the magnificent Eiffel Tower in it,  the beautiful romance of Frédéric Chopin (who was born in Poland) and George Sand, the romantic novel “The Notre-Dame de Paris” of Victor Hugo and so many more.

All these make us even more curious to know more about French men:

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Here there are some facts you should definitely know if you’re going to date a Frenchman

High level of self-confidence and frankness

There are many stereotypes about French men that they’re arrogant and rude..
This may have come because of their way of defending themselves and being sure of what they know and what they want for themselves. 

They’re confident.

Some people may find it rude the way of how they confidentially fight for their rights.
French men do not hesitate to oppose someone directly by voicing their opinion about a specific case.

They’re cultivated 

 Most famous intellectuals that are almost considered as holy figures and universal  symbols were from France: Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Émile Zola, Rousseau etc. The French still remain among the most intellectual people in the world.

Frenchmen are not only experts in their particular field. They’re also cultured enough to hold a good conversation in any kind of subject related to art, books, history, philosophy or business.
They even discuss political issues, a topic that most of the people hate talking about, because of the misunderstanding that the topic may lead to.

They like being ironic

The “rude French” myth might look a bit real when watching with an eye of a stranger. French men tend to be very romantic and tender on the inside but hard on the outside.
They prefer being ironic in order to hide their tenderness.
They’re not into talks that do not have any specific reason or approach such as small talks with strangers.
They won’t smile in the name of kindness if they don’t meant it.

Being impassive is not the same with being unfriendly. Though this is often misunderstood and seen as rudeness or them being unfriendly by some other cultures.
It’s just the French way!

What are French men like in dating?

Let things work naturally(No dating rules)

Unlike other cultures where dates do have some formalities such as going out for a dinner, cinema or theatre, dating a French man looks very different.

You won’t know you’re dating!

The way the French meet up is usually quite casual. At the beginning you may not be aware of what’s going on, if you’re friends or just sticking around because they might play it cool.

In most cases, they do not make special dates, they usually meet up in events, through social circles, going on walks, etc.

Commonly, they like to get to know each other until the chemistry show up and the relationship evolves eventually.

If they’re falling for you, they’ll let you know

French men aren’t very expressive and got no dating rules but their behavior traits will be the signs that they’re into you!

He’ll want to get in touch with you  a lot.
Calls, invitations to hang out, he’ll constantly want to spend time with you.

Kissing is an art

A kiss may be an official sign that you’re dating!
The French are already known for their French kiss so the act of kissing for the first time means quite a lot for them.

They value the first kiss and consider it as the first step of starting a relationship.
Kissing for the first time is  compared with a celebration of “Love has won”, a symbol of attaching  with one another’s souls.

Positive bearded male kissing cute brunette female on a street in an old town.


They like fighting for what they want!
A “NO” to a French man sometimes mean “try again better the next time”

They don’t give up if a girl turns them down a few times.
This behavior trait might have come because of the French girls that are used to make a man fight for her until they win her heart which is a kind of prove of their love. So insisting is in their genes.

Liberal and open minded

When it comes to relationship or even at the first beginning of dating, French men tend to be very open.

The place, the environment, or the people around cannot be any barrier for them to show affection for his significant other by playing with her hair, giving hugs, cuddles or kisses.

French men are perfectly okay with enjoying an instant romantic moment with their “date” anywhere on a public place such as on a bus, train or at the park.

Flirtatious and romantic

Being charming romantic and flirty stand for the Frenchmen the most.
Even though in their first beginning of dating they may seem as non-romantic but for sure they’ll show some amorous behaviors later.

Frenchmen’s flirting is absolutely the purest one, not exaggerated nor objective or manipulative.

It’s not very difficult to lure them in and make them go crazy about you, though. If you really want to get the upper hand in making him 100% yours and interested, this guide is the absolute best and the only one you need to read. Do check it out by all means!

4 Qualities in women that Frenchmen find attractive

1. Expressive

Talk about your feelings, goals, activities and hobbies.
They’re good listeners and would want to know everything about you.

2 If you’re a Latina or Spanish woman you’re a bit luckier than the other women.

According to researches a significant number of French find Latin American and Spanish women very attractive charming and passionate.
They love the way of how sweet, cheerful and expressive are in a relationship. 

3. Intelligence

Every men love smart, strong and  independent women.
As French men are intelligent and well educated they would prefer a wise woman by their side.

Someone they can communicate well with, have a productive conversation and be able to discuss a various topics.

Portrait of a well-dressed farmer standing in the hothouse on a farm for growing snails. Concept of farming snails for eating

4.Food lover

Comparing to other countries, France is the country where people spend time in the kitchen and at the dinner table the most.
Besides that they’ve got delicious dishes they also love to cook and food carries a bit more weight for them than for other cultures.

So having a partner with the same passion about food is a gift for a French man.

If you want to date Frenchmen you should also consider learning French.

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