12 of the Best Date Ideas for Rainy Day Dates

There’s nothing more disappointing than planning the perfect date, only to have it thwarted by bad weather. When it rains, your plans usually change. But don’t let the rain stop your love from growing.

Instead of letting these rainy days dampen your spirits and put a damper on your love life, use them as an opportunity to get creative with your dating ideas. From indoor picnic games to cozy coffee dates and everything in between, here are 12 of the best date ideas for rainy day dates.

Have an indoor picnic

For a classic rainy day date idea, organize an indoor picnic. Whether you host it at your home or some other place with a roof, you can create an intimate atmosphere with just the two of you. If you host it at home, create a nice table setting with flowers or candles.

Rainy days are often gloomy, so try to make your indoor picnic as bright as possible. Use bright linens and plates and include foods that are naturally bright and colorful, like strawberries and carrots. If you have a bigger space available, you can add even more natural pops of color by bringing along some balloons, streamers and other colorful accessories. You can even end your picnic with a game of badminton or table tennis if the facilities allow it.

Go for a cozy coffee date

This is my favorite choice! For a creative rainy day date idea, try a cozy coffee date. You can visit your local coffee shop and try new drinks, or bring your coffee-making items at home and create a homemade, personalized drink.

You can also make a themed coffee date with a twist by creating your own lattes using colorful ingredients, like sprinkles or hearts. If you’d like to take your cozy coffee date to the next level, try a couple-friendly board game. You can also make the coffee date extra special by bringing the dessert. Try something warm and cozy, like individual pots of chocolate-dipped oatmeal squares or apple crumble. You can serve these desserts in mason jars or coffee cups for an extra cozy touch.

Did you know that Colombia, one of the world’s largest producers of coffee is also one of the rainiest countries in the world?

smiling young couple with umbrellas looking at taxi car

Watch a movie in snuggly pajamas

Watching movies is always a good idea when raining, so it is definitely a good idea to watch movies in snuggly pajamas. You probably enjoy doing it alone, let alone with a romantic partner. If you invite your partner, make sure to get the right size pajamas—you don’t want your partner feeling uncomfortable.

You can turn your living room into your own private film screening room by creating a theater-like environment. Lay out a large blanket on the floor and add some pillows for extra coziness. You can also dim the lights and turn up the volume on your TV, sound bar or other home entertainment system.

Cook a New Recipe At Home

Cooking a new recipe together at home is a great way to connect with your partner and enjoy quality time together. Sharing food is an important way to bond with your loved one, and cooking together can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Even if you aren’t the most experienced cook, cooking a new recipe together can be a great bonding opportunity. By learning how to make a recipe together, both of you will learn new skills and improve your cooking abilities. Plus, it’s always fun to try something new! If you want to keep the date idea simple, simply cook your favorite dish for dinner. But if you want to spice things up, try making your own takeout recipe instead.

Travel the world from the comfort of your home

The next rainy day date idea is traveling the world from the comfort of your home. You can do this by hosting a photo or trivia challenge with a travel-themed twist. Watching traveling content can also give you ideas for your next trips.

You can also challenge each other to learn new facts about different places across the globe, like their cultures or histories, by using an online trivia website or app. You can also get creative with how you present your travel adventures or your trivia knowledge. You can put your trivia knowledge to use by creating your own travel-themed board game.

Go Shopping

Rainy days can be a great time to leave the house and get some retail therapy. A rainy day is also an opportunity to take advantage of sales and discount days. This can be very enjoyable if you and your partner like shopping.

Shopping malls are a great place to spend the afternoon catching up on errands, shopping for deals and just being inside while it is raining. Spend the morning at a mall, then head out to lunch or browse around if the rain keeps falling. Rainy days are also great opportunities to eat out at fast-food restaurants, buy food from outdoor stands or grab a bite at a local cafe.

Go for a run, then enjoy a nice dinner

If you are more extreme and don’t mind getting soaked, go for a run, then enjoy a nice dinner. If you enjoy running, this is a great way to spice up your date. You can also try biking, or going for a walk if you or your partner aren’t the biggest runners. You can then enjoy a nice dinner together— a home-cooked meal with a warm tea or hot chocolate.

You can also try this date idea with a group of couples or friends. Some of them might not agree with running while it is raining, but believe me, it is a great feeling.

Play some video games together

Another rainy day date option is try playing some video games together. You can try one of the many online games available today. You can play together using a gaming console or with 2 computer. You can also challenge each other to new video game challenges or try playing some of your classic favorites.

You can also use the opportunity to try a new video game or genre together. You can try playing a new game together or trying one of your partner’s favorite games. You can also get creative with how you play your video games. Try playing a game on a different platform you don’t normally play on, like on your partner’s computer or on your phone if you normally play on a console.

League of Legends and Toram Online are two great games to play together.

Rainy Day: Probably a Good Idea After All

You shouldn’t let yourself down if you planned a date for a sunny day and the weather is not in your favor anymore. As we can see, there are options for dating during rainy days which can be a good as for sunny days.

Some countries are known for being rather rainy or snowy, you can check our guides on dating in Canada, United Kingdom and Poland.

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