Colombian Girls Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Them

Columbia is a magnificent country that has been reborn from a nation torn by civil war, drug cartels, and conflict into a major tourist hub. It boasts enthralling natural wonders from the Caribbean coastline to the Andes mountain range.

But among the many secrets the country holds is the beauty of its people, particularly the unique warmth and passion of the Colombian woman. And in today’s article we’re going to talk about one of Colombia’s greatest treasures: the girls living there!

Getting to know the unique traits and characteristics of Colombian women will allow you to step into a world quite different from most Western regions. One that you will love.

The unique combination of their recent turbulent history, rich cultural influences, religiosity, and inherent values and traditions will give you an insight into how promising a relationship with a Colombian lady can be.

That said, let’s dive into everything you need to know about Colombian girls!

Colombian Dating 101

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Now here are more things you should know about dating women from Colombia.

Never Go Dutch

When going on a date, always be ready to pay. Never ask a Colombian girl to split the bill – it simply isn’t done so in this part of the world.

This doesn’t mean that Colombian ladies are not independent or that they try to leech off money from you. No, it’s just how things are here – men pay the bill when going out. Period.

Age Does Not Matter

Don’t be too harsh and narrow down your prospects to ladies around your age. Colombian women are more open-minded in this aspect. Other characteristics weigh more heavily with them in dating.

This means that YOUR age doesn’t matter, not theirs. It’s not uncommon to see great pairs made between older men and younger women. Even though the age of consent there is 14, don’t be a creepy person and keep things decent!

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Colombian Girls Guide 1

The 3-Day Strategy

Colombian women typically do not rush into relationships. How they decide to pursue a more meaningful relationship is getting a feel after the all-important “Three first dates.”

The first date should be more casual, like going to a bar or club where you mingle with the crowd, yet get enough time to get acquainted.

The second date would be something more personal, like coffee or dinner. You can also go for a walk in the park, mall or zoo.

The third date seals the deal. If she goes on #3, it has to be more special and a longer term relationship might be in the works.

Day vs Night Game (and Online Dating)

If you want to approach women for dates, getting to meet them in the daytime is the way to go. They are quite approach-able during the day too.

Most Colombian girls tend to go out in the night with a partner or group of friends, usually for clubbing, parties, or bars. It will be difficult to insert yourself and get an introduction.

A very popular option for Colombian girls is to meet them online first. This is a time and effort saver as you can share time to gauge if you have common interests before meeting up in real life.

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What are Colombian Girls Like?

No Outright “No’s”

Colombian girls are very accommodating and may have a hard time saying no. They will be nice and converse pleasantly when spoken to.

They shy away from saying negative and confrontational words as they culturally try to always save face. It doesn’t mean that they won’t refuse you if you’re trying to push your luck.

You must learn to read their behavioral cues to know if they are interested, or just being polite. This is a skill that few men possess, unfortunately…

Values and Tradition

Colombian Girls Guide: Family traditions

Family is very important in Colombia where most girls would be living with their parents until they get married. They uphold patriarchy but do not appreciate excessive machismo.

Tread this carefully as treating women right is important to a Colombian girl. Once you manage this, they will treat you with high regard. Put her on a pedestal and you will be her king.

Learn to love their family as well and things will be even better. They will surely strive a lot to love yours and be an integral, active part of it. In Colombia, families are very tight!

Coming historically from predominantly Roman Catholic roots, Colombia is a mix of liberal-mindedness and moderate conservativeness. Never presume the stereotype that Colombian girls are easy.

This will cross you off in their book automatically. While they are passionate and fiery, this is usually to men who they think earn and deserve their attention and not just everybody.

Quirky Characteristics

There are two negative scenarios that you might possibly face when you set a date with a Colombian girl – they will be fashionably late or they will flake on you.

Colombian women are notorious for being late, but this is far better than having a prospective date stand you up because she changed her mind. She can be 15 minutes late or 60 minutes late. Time just flows differently in Colombia…

This is something that you must learn to cope with by making alternative plans and keeping a flexible attitude so you can move on quickly if need be.

How to Communicate with Colombian Girls?

Less than 10% of the population in Colombia speak English. That being said, if you stay in Bogota, you will find a good number of Colombian girls who do speak English compared to smaller cities like Medellin or even less touristy ones.

When planning to meet Colombian girls, you must have at least some conversational Spanish in your arsenal to connect well or at least to impress. Also, don’t expect her to speak any English!

Dating apps are also useful particularly if they have translation tools. At the end of the day, there must be a compromise. Spanish is a beautiful language and not that hard to learn, if you know what I mean!

An important note is that when you want to meet Colombian girls who adhere more to their traditional culture, you just have to learn Spanish and she needs to meet you halfway and learn English as well.

Most Colombian girls who speak English will be more Westernized and adopt more modern ways.

Incomparable Beauty

Colombian Girls beauty

Knowing a bit about Colombia’s history is getting a glimpse of why it is populated by such a diverse set of beautiful women. You can read the summary below or find out more here.

The indigenous tribes were mixed with the European races, predominantly the Spanish. A wave of African and Arab influences also came into the country resulting in a wonderful combination of girls of different skin tones from light to dark.

Unusual beauties such as European features on tanned or dark skin are typical of Colombians as well as fair-skinned Latina beauties.

Colombian girls love their long hair which is usually made to fall in long locks. An average Colombian girl is around 159 cm. tall and they are by nature well-endowed and curvy. Eye candy, in other words!

As if their natural edge in beauty was not enough, many Colombian girls have body-enhancing procedures such as breast surgery, which are very accessible in their country.

Physical attractiveness is a premium and safe to say that Colombia is a place where you will find real gems that will appease your sweet sight!

What to Expect When Dating a Colombian Girl

Learn Her Cues

When dating girl from Colombia, be observant of how she reacts to situations. As mentioned above, she will not say no or embarrass you will a refusal or objection.

Remember, as you get to know her better, she places the responsibility that you know what is okay with her and what is not. When in doubt, ask her in private.

Don’t Put Her on the Spot

Similar to the one above, placing your Colombian sweetheart in an awkward situation or having her make a confusing choice is a no-no.

As a man, you have to learn to take the reins. The key is knowing what she wants in the first place and your decision will reflect your knowledge of her.

Hot and Cold

Colombian girls react in two extremes when in conflict. They can either disappear and maintain their distance to cool off or face you head-on. If a relationship is important to you, you must learn to time your approach.

Passionate and Fiery

Colombian girls are true to their roots. They will uphold your value as the man in the relationship – love and pamper you.

But they also expect to be treated with care and consideration. They get a lot of flack that infidelity is rampant, but the simple truth is that if your Colombian girl looks another way, she is simply not that interested in you!

If she wants you, she will fight tooth and nail for the relationship, no holds barred.

The Colombian Connection – Beauty Inside and Out

Colombian Girls Guide

Columbian girls have drawn the curiosity and interest of many in the past few years. They are some of the most feminine and family-centered women around.

Understanding the culture and nuances of the habits of Colombian society will be key in establishing a good relationship, no matter which region of Colombia your girl comes from.

With the details in this guide and the proper mindset, you are now prepared to embark on a fun and fulfilling journey in meeting and dating Colombian girls.

Just go with the flow with the knowledge that once you find someone receptive to you, you must demonstrate your understanding of her ways and acceptance of her culture.

This will pave the way to her responsiveness and a meaningful connection will naturally follow.

Do you have any experience dating Colombian women? Share your experience with our readers in the comment section below!

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