Cam and Emily from Too Hot to Handle: Everything You Need to Know

Are Cam and Emily from Too Hot too Handle Still Together? Find everything about this couple below

Too Hot to Handle: Cam and Emily

If you are looking for information about Cam and Emily (often referred and Cam and Em), odds are you have watched Too Hot to Handle. The controversial Netflix reality show offers a prize for those willing to endure celibacy in a beautiful beach resort. By the way, Too Hot to Handle was shot in the Turks and Caicos, a place I recommend you to visit if you like beautiful beaches.

Every time a person breaks the rule on the show, a sum is deducted from the grand prize. If you watched the show you probably know that the rules were broken rather frequently.

The reality show is a huge success among the public. However, critics did not enjoy the season 2 of Too Hot to Handle, as it has a score of just 4.6 on IMDB.

Cam and Emily featured the season number two of the controversial series, which was released in 2021. They have themselves broke the reality show several times.

Other relevant contestants on this season were Carly Lawrence, Melinda Melrose and Chase de Moor.

The total prize for Too Hot to Handle was of 100.000 USD.

Their Time During the Show

Cam and Emily were one of the most solid couples during Too Hot to Handle season two. They began mingling right at the start of the season, and despite a few hiccups, left the house together.

Cam went on a date with another participant, and even was invited to take a shower with one of the girls. He resisted the temptation and stuck to Emily.

During the show, Cam also showed it had a number of doubts on whether he was going to stop his player lifestyle. Cam multiple times, mostly when speaking to the camera, said he was unsure whether a relationship was something he was willing to pursue at that point of his life.

Despite the doubts, as we know, they left the show together. But, as we know, that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot, as many couples leave reality shows together, and soon after split. Let’s learn what happened to Cam and Em below.

Who is Cam from Too Hot to Handle

Cam is actually Cam Holmes, a personal trainer (aged 25 years old) from Wales, United Kingdom. He was born in 1997.

Cam Holmes. Photo: instagram/Cam Holmes.

Cam also works occasionally as a model. Despite his attractive looks, he claimed himself to be a nerd, and is a fan of the Lord of the Rings.

Does Cam Have Instagram, TikTok, YouTube?

Cam is pretty active on his social media, notably on instagram. You can check his profile here.

Cam is also present in other social medias, here are links to his profiles:

Cam’s YouTube channel

Cam’s Twitter

Who is Emily from Too Hot to Handle

Emily is the bubbly British girl that managed to tame, so to say, the good looking personal trainer from Wales that we know as Cam.

Emily Miller. Photo: Instagram/Emily Miller

Em, as she is often referred to, just like Cam, has pretty impressive physical attributes.

She is from London, and she was likely to be born in 1995. So, she is probably 27 or 28 years old at the time of this article writing.

Her full name is Emily Faye Miller.

She works for HLD, an agency working with models and influencers.

Does Emily from Too Hot to Handle Have Instagram, TikTok, YouTube?

Just like Cam, Em is also pretty strong on social media. As a matter of fact, she seems to be devoting a good part of her time to that.

You can check Em from Too Hot to Handle on several of the main social media platforms:

Em’s Tiktok

Em’s Instagram

Are Cam and Emily Still Together?

And now finally, the question everyone is asking, are they still together?

The good news for most, and the bad news if you fancy one of them, is that Cam and Emily are still together.

They can be seen together in several instagram photos. They also have a YouTube channel together, that you can check here: Cam and Em.

Cam and Em from Too Hot to Handle. Picture: Twitter/Cam Holmes.

Their channel is actually doing pretty good, which more than 150 thousands subscribers.

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