British men: How to get your own Prince Harry (Dating and Relationship)

You’re in England. The only thing you can complain about, is probably the weather. Everything else is just awesome. The people, the English, the food, the music. You’re living a great British adventure.
What’s missing? What do you need to make this adventure perfect, last longing and a part of your life?
A British romance maybe?! Yes, that would definitely be the cherry on the cake. After all, love is the key to making every moment hard to be forgotten.

Let’s learn more about dating in the UK, specifically dating British men.

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What’s like dating a British man

In terms of dating, British men’s behaviors tend to be very tricky. Especially for someone who’s not from the UK and does not have a similar culture. 

Honesty and Politeness 

British people as a whole are notorious for using the magic words more than other cultures. Politeness is their cultural trait. A British man will be uttering sorry several times a day even for little things. Manners carry a big weight in British personality. It’s how they’ve been taught from a young age. So if you want to get a good impression on your British man you should be careful how you treat random people around you.

British people not only are polite but they’re also very honest. They don’t play games. They won’t be giving you any sort of compliment or flirty words if they don’t really mean it. When referring to British men in relationship, they may be polite but if something bothers them, they don’t mind on complaining about it. 

Their sense of humor is on another level

Brits have got a sharpen tongue. Their jokes are so uproarious that your dates would never get boring. This is what makes them even more irresistible. They tend to have many types of humor; dark, witty, slapstick and even innuendo. Sometimes their jokes may appear offensive to some, but as long as they’re polite and always able to apologize, you shouldn’t be concerned. A relationship with a British man is definitely going to be fun and full of laughs, joy and good cheer.

Their charming accent is their weapon to make women go crazy about them

According to some global surveys, British accents are the most attractive accents for men to have. If generalized, women tend to get attracted by a man’s voice or how their speaking sounds, more than other physical appearances. British accent is perceived to be sexy, soft, pleasing and smart. And yes, they’re aware of this. So here you have an advice if you’re going to date a British man: Do not let his accent fool you. Try to listen to what he’s really saying instead of focusing in his accent.

Drinking culture

The whole world knows; Brits drink a lot! Very simple, it’s a “daily meal” and a part of their culture. Drinking behavior starts in a young age in the UK. So if you’re going to date a British man you gotta get used to have every dinner date accompanied with beers and wine bottles. And if you’re already a drink lover, then you earned some brownie points with your British man, without even trying.

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It’s a cup of tea not a cup of coffee 

British people are  tea drinking nation. 84% of the British population drink tea every day (says Dating a British man means solving or discussing any sort of problem with one another with a cup of tea on the table.

Personality over appearance 

British men tend to have a very rare and good trait, that we’re used to hear it a lot, but barely see it happening. A trait that every woman would love it. British men do not look for perfection in a woman’s appearance! Looks matter of course, but they do not portray ideal beauty standards or body images of women as nowadays men tend to do so.

They are reserved and not into PDA

British men tend to be much more reserved and less affectionate than the other cultures. This causes them to be seen as unfriendly and unemotional to strangers. But this is not who they are. They can be good friends, good listeners, and communicative. It just takes them a bit longer to open up.

When it comes to dating, this trait affects only at the beginning of dating. Their reserve manner may be the reason why British men tend to date someone who they already know, rather than approaching to a stranger for a date. So if you really want to date a British man, you should consider making the first step towards him and get his attention.

As reserved as British people are, not showing affection in public is pretty expected. Public displays of affection are not a British thing. They like to keep things in private and somehow save their “reputation” (the royalty matter).

How to get a British man like you?

4 Do’s and don’ts when dating him


  1. Show some interest- Be the one who makes the first move. Staring at each other won’t really help. As reserved and polite that they are, approaching to a woman first without giving him some reasons, isn’t a British man thing. 
  2. Work on your future self- British man tend to get attracted to brainy and kind women. As clever you are, as easier you get his witty jokes. As well-mannered you are as easy you understand why being kind mean so much to them. 
  3. Learn some history- British people take pride of their history. So having some knowledge about their history, culture and traditions would help to understand him better and make him feel valued.
  4. Consider splitting the bill sometime- Chivalry is not dead, and in British tradition a man has to pay for the bill. But, gender equality is also quite common in the UK. Generally British women offer to split the bill if there have been several dates and they’re into each other. So there are chances that British men won’t even let you pay. Yet, letting him know that there’s no problem with splitting the bill, would give him a good impression.


  1. Don’t delay meetings in person- British men tend to go on direct meetings in a short period of time. Their types of dating are all of kinds such as online, between friends, someone they know. Yet they don’t keep chatting and video calling for long, as it may seem a waste of time if they don’t meet sooner and see if they match.
  2. Don’t mistake soccer with football- If you’re not into sports, better stay out of this kind of discussions. It’s way much better than underestimate the importance of football to British men by calling football as soccer or vice versa.
  3. Don’t tell them what to do- British men as prideful as they are, hate being told what to do. It’s a definite turn-off if you try that, especially if you just started dating.
  4. Don’t discus about one another’s incomes on a date- To British men this is considered rude and inappropriate. 

4 Signs that show a British man is into you

British men aren’t good at expressing their emotions directly. You don’t hear them confessing they have a crush on you. But these signs may help to understand them better.

  1. He might ignore you at first. New feelings always tend to change a person, and not everybody knows how to deal with it. Until he’s sure about these feelings towards you, he’ll distance himself. And when he clears his mind, he’s all yours…
  2. He’ll want to spend time with you. He constantly invites you to pubs for a drink, at house for some tea, watch football match together. In a nutshell, he likes to share every good moment together. 
  3. Observe his body language. They may not confess out loud that they’re in love with you, but his reactions when he’s with you might be enough to clear your doubts. 
  4. He knows every few detail about you. When in love, you want to know everything about that person. He’ll remember even the little things you told him about, that even you might have forgotten.

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