Best Russian Dating Sites and Apps in 2022

Best Russian dating sites and apps: learn more about the best options in Russia if you are looking for online dating in the country.

When people say Russia, they immediately think about the country’s history and position in the political arena. Others will think about the untouched frontiers in Russia which many people only dream about going. 

However, there are a few that would think about how nice it would be to date a Russian woman. Russian women are known worldwide for their captivating beauty.

The few who are lucky enough to date one would say they are the most loyal women. They are also very passionate and can definitely hold a conversation easily no matter what topic you fling to them. 

If you are looking to start at Russian dating, there are several websites and apps online that you can browse. Although Russia has strict online laws, they are very active in international websites and apps.

If you find it hard to speak to new people in person, using these sites and apps may be a great way to meet new people. 

When you go online, you will definitely see a lot of websites and apps that say they offer a great way to help you reach out to Russian women. But, to save you the time and effort of going through these apps and sites, we picked out the best ones listed below:


If you are talking about the best Russian dating website, you will immediately hit RussianCupid. RussianCupid is owned by international dating company Cupid Media, who aims to help singles find their match worldwide. 

Like its Cupid Media siblings, RussianCupid is very easy to explore. You have to register to the site, create a profile and start checking out the members in the site which have the same interest as you do. If you want to check if that person really matches your interests, you can use the filters in the search bar provided. 

If you want to get more from the website, RussianCupid offers three membership levels. They are: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. In Standard, you can send messages to other users and check matches.

In Gold, you can check the site ad-free and even do it anonymously.

Finally, the Platinum membership will allow you to get more access to the site’s advanced features and see more women in the process. 

Click here to join RussianCupid

Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is one of the most traditional websites for dating Eastern European women. Its online presence is notably seen since the beginning of the early 2000 thousands. Apart from Russian women you can also chat and meet girls from neighboring countries.

Not only it is one of the most reputable sites in its niche, it is also one the one with the highest number of active users. So when we talk about probabilities, there is a higher chance of finding your potential match on Anastasia Date than in other sites catering this region.

Click here to join


If this is your first time to try meeting Russian women or try Russian dating at all, you may want to check TrulyRussian. 

The site is a freemium Russian dating site where you can sign up to meet Russian women who share the same interests as you do.

You can send messages, interests and even verify your profile so people know you are a legitimate user. They even offer personality tests for their users to try and display it in their accounts. 

For those who can pay the premium membership fee of $28.95/month, they can maximize their membership perks.

They will no longer have limits on how much messages they can send in 24 hours, video calls and chats are also not possible and you can see the people who visited your site. You can also control the privacy settings of your profile. 

TrulyRussian is available through their website. can be considered one of the oldest dating sites and chat apps in Russia. It is still pretty popular nowadays to meet new friends or find your forever. 

Released in 2002, the site premiered in Russia and has expanded to other countries in Eastern Europe. To begin with the app, you can use your social media accounts to create a profile or use a different login option.

The site takes security seriously as every sign up process must be verified before the user can proceed into the site.

Once you are able to proceed to editing your profile, it must be filled up so that you can get hits in their search filter. You can also use the Anonymous feature if you wish to browse the site without sharing your information. 

You can find potential dates by looking for them in the Search bar and adjust it based on your preferences. The site will also use simple algorithms to recommend certain profiles which are near you. 

The site has a wide array of special features. Members can use them to know more about the people they are interested with. People can do livestreams, putting a personal note on your profile which lists down what you are looking. You can also add other relevant details, give comments and even play with other users. 

If you want to see more of the site or app, you can sign up for their VIP membership subscription. They have very flexible options so if you don’t want to use the premium service for a long time. is available online through their website, and app which is available in Google Play and Apple App Store


If you want to meet new people every single time you log into the site, Coomeet should be in your list. 

In CooMeet, you get to chat with random girls which are selected for you to speak to through video chat. If you don’t want the person you are talking to, you can easily switch without problems and the system will find another person for you to chat. 

Anyone can join Coomeet. However, you don’t have to do so to be able to chat with anyone on the site. If you do decide to sign up, you will be able to access a simple interface where you can edit your profile and let people know what languages you speak.

Once that is finished, you can video chat with the women the system will recommend for you. You do have an option to accept or decline girls who send you an invite, however that requires an account upgrade.

Premium membership is available for the site and you can pick based on how long you want it to last. There is also a trial membership that will only cost you $1.99 with 10 minutes free video chat. The site does promise that your data is secured when they sign up and profiles must be verified before they can enjoy the various features of the site. 

Coomeet is available through its website. 

Why Use Online Dating Websites and Apps to Reach Russian Women?

Getting to know Russian women is a tough challenge if you do not know where to meet up with them. However, when you do get to know one, it is not difficult to fall in love with them because they are not just beautiful, but also very smart.

They are also one of the most loyal partners you can find. Finally, they are also among the most challenging, as Russians love challenges. 

If you get shy in meeting new people easily or speaking to them, using an online dating site makes everything easier. The app serve as a barrier for you to hide your insecurities, but it has other advantages. It also helps you take your time to get to know the person, filtering prospect dates better.

It is also cheaper to use an online dating app or website if you want to get into dating. You don’t have to fly across the globe and spend a lot of time getting to know Russian women looking for love.

You just sign up in the app or website and you can meet people with the same interest you have. People are also not going to judge you for using these opportunities because Russia accepts online dating. 

With these apps, you can make sure that you found the right one to love and sort out the details you both need to meet in real life. 

Meet Russian Women Today

It is not difficult to find Russian women looking for love if you know where to look. The sites and apps we listed are highly recommended as many were able to find their Russian loves through them. It also opened a lot of opportunities for people to see more of the world they haven’t experienced in traditional dating. 

Just remember to take time in making sure the people you are speaking to through these apps are serious and real people.

Although the sites we listed are verified, there are one or two people in it that may not be there for love. Premium subscription can help you weed out these fakes. This way you can focus on the people who have a real desire to find love.

Once you dive in these sites or apps, you will find it easier to be yourself and be true to the people you are talking to. You never know, the one for you may be in one of these websites or apps. Good luck! 

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