Best Malaysian Dating Apps and Sites 2022

Considering dating in Malaysia? Check the best Malaysian dating apps and sites for anyone looking to find a local match.

Learn where you can find single Malaysian women looking for a date on these dating websites and apps. These apps and websites will help you reach these women easier and remove awkward situations brought by traditional dating. 

If you are looking for a woman that is smart, beautiful and family-oriented, you can never go wrong with Malaysian women. Some even say that Malaysian beauty is so mysterious that people find them similar to a puzzle. It keeps on changing every day. 

Since going to Malaysia to meet these mysterious women is expensive, there are websites and apps that you can sign up to to meet them. Fortunately, these sites will make your search easier.

You won’t just meet one or two Malaysians, you will also meet others who can be great friends if you do not click with them. It also offers a great way to meet people without being awkward when meeting new people. 

But, before you go sign up to the first website or app you see that promises to help you connect to these Malaysian women, you need to know if the website or app is legit or not. 

Malaysian Dating Apps And Sites

Out of all the websites and apps out there, here are our top picks that you should sign up for:

MalaysianCupid – Malaysian Dating Apps

malaysian dating apps and sites malaysiancupid

MalaysianCupid can be considered one of the most popular dating websites for Malaysians. It is under the Cupid Media group, the largest international dating company in the world. 

Since it is under the Cupid Media group, MalaysianCupid is very easy to navigate to find a date. Before you can look for a date, you have to create a profile. Once you complete your profile, you can search for a date. Using the search bar is easy and you can adjust it based on your preferences. 

To get more out of your MalaysianCupid account, you can opt for its membership program which is divided into three. They are Standard, Gold and Platinum.

Standard membership is the first membership level. You you can reach out to other members of the site, even those in the higher levels.

In Gold, you can contact anyone regardless of their membership status. Platinum members have access to all the advanced features of the site. It includes access the site’s translation service and see Profile notes.

Membership starts at $24.98 per month and they come with 3 month and 12 month subscription. 

Click here to create an account on MalaysianCupid


Like MalaysianCupid, AsianDating is a part of the Cupid Media group, the largest dating website company in the world. However, in comparison to MalaysianCupid’s mostly Malaysian member database, AsianDating doesn’t just introduce you to Malaysian women looking for a date. You will also meet women from other Asian countries on the site.

The site is also one of the oldest online dating sites in the market, serving singles for the past 10 years and counting. 

Since they come from the same company, navigating AsianDating’s website is easy. After you create a profile, you can immediately look for your ideal date by checking their interests and preferences.

If you find the right woman to speak to, you can easily send a message to them and receive a reply even if they are in a premium membership status. 

With that said, AsianDating does come with various membership options that will grant users more access to the site’s features. It will also give more chances for your profile to be seen by more users on the site. 

You can access AsianDating through their website. 


Out of all the Islamic dating sites online, Muslima is one of the most popular with 4.5 million members using the site to find their happiness. Many of its users are Muslim singles. There are also divorcees looking for a second chance in love through the site. 

What makes Muslima stand out from other sites is that it will give you clear information about the people who are on the site. It lets you connect with the right people who are indeed compatible with you.

Message translation and advanced searching features are available for premium members. You will even see testimonials and successful stories in the site of users who were able to find out. 

You will also find it comfortable to use the site because every profile in the site is verified before it is posted on the site. The profiles will have a verified badge to show that they have complete profiles. 

Click here to join Muslima


OkCupid is ideal for people who don’t want to pay for a subscription to be able to reach out to people looking for love. While the site doesn’t just focus on Malaysian women, you can search for them on the site using its advanced search filter. The site also allows you to send messages to them and check their photos. 

To make sure that everything is safe for its users, OkCupid requires the recipient of your message to like your profile first before they can see your message.

Your profile will also be on display in their Discovery feed if they match your interests, Double Take feeds and in the search result. These feeds update automatically and rotate so that more female users can see your site. 

The site comes with an “A-List” program where you can refine the search results and get more from your profile. You will also be able to see who has checked your profile and your messages will appear on top of the woman’s inbox if you sent them a message. 

You can check OkCupid through their website or on Google Play or the App Store

Why should you try online dating websites and apps to meet Malaysian women?

Malaysian women are known to be very mysterious when it comes to what they are looking for in men. Some of them prefer intellectual company while others are looking for men who will respect not just their rights, but also their beliefs since Malaysia is a Muslim nation.

If a Malaysian woman falls in love with you, you will definitely be with someone who will be with you for life and show you how much they mean to you. 

With the help of online dating sites and apps, you can easily find the Malaysian women who match your criteria and share the same interests as you do. It will be easier to reach out to them, speak with them without feeling awkward and you will also be able to know more about them. 

It is also cheaper to use online dating sites and apps. You don’t have to go to Malaysia personally to see them and get to know them. At least initally.

By signing up to a Premium membership or just using your free membership through these sites and apps, you can easily find more people who share the same interests as you do. While Malaysia is seen by many as a conservative country, online dating is no longer seen with reservations. People won’t judge you if you met your Malaysian sweetheart through these avenues. 

Once you get to know the Malaysian woman up close through these sites, you will be able to see if you are ready to take the next step and meet them in real life. When you do, it will be an experience that you will never forget. 

Get to know Malaysian women Today!

All of the websites and apps we included in this list have been reviewed and recommended by various users who have proven how well they were able to meet their Malaysian loves.

We hope that this guide gave you some insight as to where you can begin your search and why you should consider them for your dating options.

Some of these sites even come with successful love stories that show just how crucial these sites or apps are for people looking for love. 

Just remember to check these sites and apps carefully. While these sites are verified and come with premium membership options, there will still be profiles that may not be legitimate as they seem to be. Review each profile carefully and reach out if you think the profile is legitimate or not.

You should also take advantage of the site or app’s premium subscription to filter fake profiles from your search results. If you are still unsure about the site, check site reviews and even go on social media to see if the site you are signing up for is legit or not. 

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find your ideal Malaysian date now that the internet is becoming larger than ever.

With the sites and apps we listed above, we are sure that you will be able to find them without fail and enable you to speak to them without feeling awkward.

It will also open you to more opportunities to find new friends, if not love, across the world. Providing a good alternative if you stuck to traditional forms of looking for love and dating. Good luck! 

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