Best Dating Websites in the Caribbean (2022 Update)

Have you ever wanted to meet a beautiful girl from the Caribbean but can’t seem to find the opportunity to go there and meet her in person?

The perfect solution to connect with women in the Caribbean is right in front of you: on your smartphone or computer!

Online dating websites have opened the door for people to establish meaningful relationships around the world without the need of being physically preset in a specific place and we’re here to help you make the best choices by sharing the top dating websites in the Caribbean in 2022.

But is it as easy as click and go?

There are many online platforms that one can join to meet girls in other countries. But then you have to go through weeding out the fake profiles, the scam websites, as well as the sites that are not able to deliver what they promise.

To save you the heartache and headache, we have done all the research and we have come up with our pick of the best dating websites in the Caribbean so you can enjoy your online dating experience better, knowing that you are safe and at the other end of the line (or, better said, connection), there is a real woman – the one you saw when you contacted her.

The Caribbean is home to many incredible girls of exceptional beauty and allure. While they have diverse qualities, they are bound by the culture of close family ties, passion and zest for life, and a positive vibe towards other cultures.

These are the main things that attract men from all over the world. Aside from the beauty of the individual countries host a myriad of sights, sounds, and activities making the region the perfect place for relationships to blossom. And of course, things men from other regions must adapt to.

Let’s cut to the chase and see what are the best dating websites in the Caribbean region, with plenty of amazing women actively looking for a relationship – be it online or offline.

Here is a quick list of our top Caribbean dating websites, in case you don’t want to read our in depth reviews below”

Now let’s see what of these great websites has to offer and why we consider them the best options when it comes to finding your online date in the Caribbean! Read on for all the details!

Caribbean Cupid

Caribbean Cupid

Specially developed for meeting singles in the Caribbean region, this niche site from Cupid Media has all the features and security backing from the online dating giant. Caribbean Cupid has grown to be one of the most popular and trusted sites in the area with their great features and huge verified pool of singles.

In other words, even though the competition is tough, it’s not as tough as in other areas and with plenty of female profiles available, you will easily find one or more to chat with and evolve from there quickly.

Easy Sign-Up and Quality Profiles

Joining Caribbean Cupid is hassle-free and easy with access granted easily when you link it up with your Facebook or email account. Their verification system where valid government-issued identification needs to be uploaded earns one the verified badge.

This is a great feature that promotes trust among the membership. This will assure higher-quality matches.

You can be confident when linking up with other confirmed profiles as the site makes use of Cupid Media’s well-known online security system and periodic fraud detection checks.

The profile layout of Caribbean Cupid contains all the basic information you need to make a match by providing more details on preferences, values, and other criteria. This makes filtering your matches easier.

Photos that are uploaded may take up to 48 hours before it can be published as the site admins run it for checks of authenticity.

Premium Membership Perks

Once you become a regular free member of Caribbean Cupid, you can access the basic tools such as viewing of the general roster of profiles. Many features will not be available with the free membership but you can already see the number of quality profiles available for you to connect with.

Sending messages to other profiles under the free membership is locked. You can, however, reply to Premium members – but we all know that here, it will be you who will have to take the first step. Plus, if you become a Premium member, you show her that you really mean business and are not there to waste your time.

What else can you do as a free member?

You can “Show Interest” or add profiles you like to “Favorites”. A member ID number helps you distinguish profiles as there can be similar names on the site.

You can up to the next level in Caribbean Cupid membership by subscribing to Gold. This will include the basic free services plus the ability to communicate with all members.

Furthermore, Live Chat with Instant Messenger will be available with unlimited sending and receiving capabilities. Plus, there will be no ad popups.

Joining the Platinum level unlocks additional features like advanced algorithms matches, VIP profile highlighting, larger profile space, and ranked profiles and the very useful message translation function.

Special Features

Caribbean Cupid has the special features present in Cupid Media’s websites, all created to help you find your dream girl and facilitate online dating:

  • Verified Member’s Badge – valid identification document (passport, driver’s license, etc.) has been submitted by a member (so you know that they are the person they claim to be). Admins actively do a sweep of unverified and inactive profiles, disabling them. This assures that the group is kept safer from spammers and scammers.
  • Message Filter – weed out unwanted messages which will be saved directly to a separate folder for profiles you have blocked.
  • Profile Notes – private remarks that you can place on different profiles that only you can view about that specific profile. Perfect to remember her favorite color, flower or movie or anything else (if you’re chatting up multiple ladies – which we know you’ll do!)
  • Advance Filtering – account set-up that allows you to search by interest and saves your favorite profiles – specifically the “My Interest” and “My Favorite” functions.

All in all, our top recommended website for those looking for a date from the Caribbean region.

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Caribbean Matches

Under the experience and technology of World Singles group, Caribbean Matches has been created to be a niche dating site focused on this area of the world.

They have been in the industry since 2001 and boast of their dedicated service to making online dating a quality experience for their subscribers.

They do have a solid user base, with plenty of amazing women looking for a match, so you will surely have no trouble finding your dream lady on this website.

Ease of Use and Membership Security

Joining Caribbean Matches can be as simple as linking it to your Facebook account. However, you can also choose the longer route of entering your data and email. This is still a relatively simple and easy process.

You might find comfort that Caribbean Matches admins constantly monitor for spam users and fake profiles usually blocking their entry into the site at the outset. If they manage to get through registration, admin sweeps will disable the account.

The profiles on Caribbean Matches are relatively simple and straightforward. You can upload up to 20 pictures on your profile.

Upon joining, the website will prompt you to install an optional extension for easy surfing access and notifications on your desktop – you don’t really have to do this, as visiting the website offers all you need. But your choice.

The Membership Advantage

Platinum Power subscriptions in Caribbean Matches will open up the following features:

  • Chat Ability with All Member Profiles
  • Access to Advanced Search Filters
  • Profile Visibility is Upped in the Roster
  • Ad-Free Surfing

Fees become lower if you pay in bulk months. In other words, if you choose to pay every 3 months, the per-month price is lower than if you pay on a monthly basis, while semi-annual payments cost even less. Membership can be paid for via Paypal or Credit Cards.

Don’t be misled with the simplicity of the site. The World Singles group has now boasted over 4.5 million successful connections globally.

With their high level of customer care and great membership value, you could go a long way in finding the perfect Caribbean girl!

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International Cupid

International Cupid

The main dating website of Cupid Media group, International Cupid, is also considered to be a great platform for meeting singles from the Caribbean since you can simply set the search parameters to only show you ladies from that region.

Many women prefer to join this bigger umbrella site compared to the niche site since the pool of singles is much bigger – more people to meet!

On International Cupid, you can customize your search to find women of a specific ethnicity in areas closest to you – so if you want to meet a lady from the Caribbean, but living in a different part of the globe, you can do that here as well!

The website has the same perks, pricing, and features as their popular niche site Caribbean Cupid that we recommended above.

Membership in this particular site is best if you seek to connect not only with Caribbean region locals but with those who are living in other countries as well!

This is what makes International Cupid one of the best online dating websites out there, no matter if we’re talking about dating Caribbean women, dating sites in India or Moldova.

The Perfect Reason to Subscribe

When you cross country borders, you might encounter a language barrier. Most women in the Caribbean are speaking at leas a bit of English, but should you find yourself less confident in English or encounter a profile you want to know better, International Cupid has the Message Translation feature that allows texts to be translated instantly to the language you use and vice versa!

Membership Packages

To unlock messaging with Live Chat Messenger with unlimited sending and receiving capabilities, subscribe to Premium Gold. You also get ad-free browsing and a way to show ladies that you’re not a freeloader.

Platinum unlocks additional features like advanced algorithms matches, VIP profile highlighting, larger profile space, and ranked profiles and the very useful message translation function.

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One of the pioneering online dating sites, is a completely free site that allows you to meet Caribbean women online.

Once you have created your account, you can view members’ profiles and send messages and other forms of communication. They do offer Mingle-Plus for an enhanced experience but free members get to access a majority of site and app features to connect.

As a precaution, Mingle2 installed a limit on first-contact messages to avoid spamming. If you already know a member and have frequently chatted, your messaging will be unlimited for each other.

Downloading their app is free as well! However, be ready for the regular appearance of ads while you browse which is not at that bad considering they don’t charge anything for basic online dating features.

Based on our own experience, though, free memberships and profiles aren’t as successful as Premium ones – at least in the case of men.

You do need to show the ladies that you mean business and you’re ready to pay the small monthly fee in order to guarantee that you find your dream girl online.

Being a premium member will automatically result in you getting more replies and this means better chances of finding that perfect woman!

Safety is a Priority

While most people associate free websites with lesser security, Mingle2 has a systematic member verification and validation system which includes photo authentication and obligatory identity confirmation.

Its website is complete with SSL code encryption to deter online identity theft.

Upgrading to Premium – Mingle2 Plus

Should you want to opt for additional services, Mingle2 has subscription plans that give you additional features like:

  • Anonymous browsing
  • Perpetual Message Storage (as normal messages are deleted after 30 days)
  • Profile highlighted and ranked-in Search
  • Mutual Match function
  • Seeing if messages are read

The premium membership also know as Mingle2 Plus packages are available on a monthly basis, with deals available for paying every 3 or 6 months.

Check it out here.

Are Online Dating Sites the Best Way to Meet Caribbean Women Online?

As a big fan of such platforms, I would say that the answer is a big “YES!”

If you are in love with the passionate yet grounded culture of the Caribbean, meeting women from different countries in the region is made easier through online dating.

All connections do not have to necessarily end in romance but you can make great relationships with ladies from different countries until you meet “the one.”

Don’t deprive yourself with the chance of following your dreams and your heart in seeking the perfect relationship, particularly if you feel a strong affinity with the beauty of the Caribbean.

No airline tickets, hotel bookings, or expensive treks across countries are needed – not yet, anyway!

Another plus is when you initiate communication with another person who is still virtually unknown to you, you will not need to disclose your private phone number or personal social media account where harassment may occur in case the relationship doesn’t turn out well. You are safer and it’s always easier to write than talk to a lady face to face.

Online dating through a trusted website is a fun and cost-effective way of establishing that all-important link. Constant communication through the websites’ secure facilities will determine your compatibility.

All of this is accomplished before you shell out hard-earned money and travel to see the woman of your dreams personally.

With the reviews of best dating websites in the Caribbean, picking the right platform for you becomes easier.

You can proceed with establishing an online relationship knowing that the base is a secure website with years of online dating service experience under their belts.


The quest for your ideal relationship is not a trivial matter. We aim to bring you enjoyable and fruitful experiences in your journey to find the perfect Caribbean girl and we are sure that the recommendations above are the best options you have to meet them.

That said, you can be assured that the best sites for dating in the Caribbean that we have listed above come very highly-recommended.

Remember to have fun and enjoy getting to know the girls from all over the Caribbean without having to leave the comfort of your home. Happy online dating!

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