Best Dating Websites in South Africa (2022)

South Africa is deemed one of the most complex and beautiful areas in the world. Its wealth in natural resources and the diversity of its people have fascinated many from all over the world.

And now it’s easier than ever to date somebody from South Africa with one of these best dating websites in the country – we’re sharing them all below!

Here is a quick list of the best dating sites in South Africa that come highly recommended by us (we’ll go in depth with each in this article):

If you are one of those who are enamored by this magnificent country, you are sure to fall in love with the people.

And the good thing is that online dating is becoming more and more popular in this era filled with new rules – especially when it comes to social distancing!

So what better place to begin your quest in connecting with individuals in South Africa than through online dating? Socializing on the internet has become more secure and interesting – IF you are in the right hands.

This article aims to show you the best websites that you can join and start connecting with amazing single women in South Africa.

We take the guessing game out and show the features that the best websites for dating in South Africa have to offer.

Save your time and effort, eliminate doubt on which dating website is the perfect fit for you by browsing through our recommendations.

If you want to find out more about each of our recommended websites for finding South African women, read on!

We will detail the registration process, features and everything you need to know to make sure that you are indeed getting the perfect online dating experience.

South African Cupid – Top Choice

South African Cupid
The front page of South African Cupid

Cupid Media, the giant in online dating websites has specially created a niche platform for matching South African Singles.

This dedicated site has one of the most comprehensive listings of quality profiles. Let’s take a closer look at South African Cupid.

Easy Sign Up

Joining a secure dating site has never been easier. With one click, you can register to join by linking your Facebook or Gmail account.

The roster of profiles will open up for you to browse. Although the free registration allows you to skim the surface of this vast website and use the basic matching services, you can only reply to members who are paying subscribers.

Cupid Tags will also be available for you for free so you can narrow down your matching prospects.

At this point, you will be asked, but not required, to fill out detailed descriptions of yourself.

Do take the time to fill these out in the “Match” and “Personality” sections so you can put yourself out there perfectly.

If you are ready, do upload a video greeting which your profile visitors can click on and view. What if you want to do more?

Be a Subscriber and Enjoy the Perks!

Free membership of South African Cupid will only get you the basic matching feature. This means that you will have to go through an immense list of profiles to search for your compatible South African beauties.

Paid membership affords you many features that will save you time and effort – and heartache.

To avail of the full benefits and features of the site, you can sign up for premium membership. There are two premium subscriptions – Gold and Platinum.

Gold membership allows the following on top of the basic free services:

  • messaging to all site members
  • live chat in the site IM with unlimited ability to send and receive messages
  • anonymous and ad-free browsing

For the Platinum membership, you can access to more features like:

  • advanced algorithms match
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • larger profile space
  • ranked profiles
  • the very useful translation function

With South African Cupid, you get to enjoy smooth and easy access to the website with their easy-to-use layout and friendly customer service.

You can also be assured that their administration conducts periodic sweeps of accounts to weed out fake profiles and scam artists.

This means that you will only find real profiles of real ladies looking to meet you. Beautiful ones, I might add!

Click here to sign up today

Afro Introductions – Great Alternative


A sister site of mega-dating site Cupid Media, Afro Introductions has a comprehensive database of members spanning the whole of Africa.

It is also one of the hubs which South African singles love to join since they also connect with singles form other African nations. While you encounter other nationalities, quality South African singles profiles also abound in this site.

It lodges around 2.5 million registered users worldwide and is ranked as the top African website for online dating. With the Cupid Media backing, it is one of the best sites to meet South African singles worldwide.

Effortless Registration

Afrointroductions also offers manual input of data or link-up with your email or Facebook to join the site. Later on, you will be required to verify your identity with government documents.

While not compulsory, it is highly recommended that you do so to make the trustworthiness of your profile better. This ensures more quality matches from individuals with real profiles who set on meeting partners as well.

However, profile picture uploading on AfroIntroductions is not automatic. There is a 24- to 48-hour window that they need to verify that your picture has not been lifted off from the internet.

Getting in Touch on AfroIntroductions

When you join for free, you can see the general roster of members. Basic matching services will be available but these are quite general and massive.

You can also use the “send Interest” buttons but you will only be allowed to reply to messages from profiles who are subscribed to AfroIntroductions membership plans. It’s quite simple and affordable to join the fun!

As a member, you will get on top of the basic services the following perks:

  • Access to search filters
  • Communicate with all members
  • Hide your Profile
  • Browse Anonymously
  • Live chat and instant messenger
  • Get ranked above other profiles
  • VIP profile highlight

There are two membership plans available. Gold and Platinum, each offering some extra perks to show those ladies that you are no freeloader and that you mean business!

Translation and Language services are premium services available only if you register for Platinum membership.

Video chat is also available making upgrading to membership plan the most practical and affordable step to take for a more complete online dating experience.

Click here to create an account today is a dedicated online dating service run by the reputable company The Dating Lab, otherwise known as TDL.

Their years in the industry has afforded them the expertise and experience in handling online dating traffic quite professionally.

Let’s take a look into this site that matches you with numerous quality singles in South Africa!

Membership versus Subscription

Signing up for is as easy as linking your Facebook account to the website. You might also opt for the manual entry where the usual personal details need to be inputted one by one.

Each individual who sets up a profile is called a Matchmaker Member. You are afforded free viewing up to 100 times of two-way matches and you can browse your favorite profiles up to the same number.

You can also send a message or reply with one-liners. Good but it can get much better.

A Matchmaker Subscriber is someone who has opted for a paid membership to the website. This opens up a multitude of functions to help enhance your online dating experience. The following perks are available to subscribers:

  • View two-way matches
  • See who’s viewed you
  • See favourites, online & more
  • Read unlimited messages
  • Send unlimited messages
  • View private invitation-only photos
  • Sort search results
  • Search messages by keyword

The costs of subscription are reasonable and you can choose your subscription period – the longer it is the more you save.

Here is how much it is, at the moment of writing this article (double check, as prices might change after publishing this article):

Subscription PeriodCost/MonthCost / Billing CycleSavings
12 months$5.95$ 71.4050%
6 months$7.95$ 47.7033%
3 months$9.95$ 29.8517%
1 month$11.95$ 11.95

With a subscription, you can unleash your creativity in approaching prospective profiles and increase chances of landing quality matches.

Upping the Ante

Is there possibly more? has one unique feature that put the control in your hands. For an additional $8/month, you unlock a special feature – everyone can reply to you!

Your desired match does not need to be a subscriber in order for you to engage in two-way communication!

This ups your chances greatly of connecting with other members who are still undecided whether to join as a subscriber.

It’s very important to have in mind that many of the ladies there won’t have a subscription, so activating this not only gives you access to profiles that other’s can’t interact with, but also proves that you mean business and are serious about finding your perfect match.

The Network Advantage

Because is part of The Dating Lab group, your profile may be viewed in their numerous dating sites, depending on how you set up your profile and the permissions you set.

This is in line with their aim to make sure their members have all the opportunity open to them in finding someone compatible.

Their mobile app is also available under the TDL name. All in all, a very comprehensive and secure website to find great matches in South Africa.

Click here to check it out today

African Date

Another highly-rated specialty South African online dating website, African Date is on the top of the online matchmaking game by offering pay-per-use mode of connections.

Let’s explore how you can take advantage of their vast network of profiles!

Account Creation

It’s quite simple and straightforward to sign up for this website. Just link it with your email account and voila – you’re in.

You can defer inputting your profile descriptions, match specifications and photos by pressing “skip” and just dive into browsing the profiles.

However, you will eventually have to verify your membership through clicking an email link and subsequently filling up all the blanks.

Accomplish all this will improve your chances of finding a quality matches on the site.

As a new member, you get to receive 10 free chats. You can also view profiles for free. What if your free credits run out?

The Subscription Advantage

Connecting through African Date is a pay-per-contact system. You can purchase credits depending on your budget.

Of course, there are saving in bulk credit purchases, starting a 150 credits per month and going all the way up to 1,500.

The credit system actually is a reassurance for a member that the profile you are interacting with is also serious in finding a partner and establishing a real relationship. In a way, it vets those who are in it for scams.

Website Perks and Features

African Date has developed their own unique features that paying members can access.

  • Let’s Mingle is a socializing feature where you can publish your own customized message that the website broadcasts to other profiles who are in your match algorithms. This message blast allows the message to be viewed by multiple members and results in a faster rate of reply.
  • Offline Messages are African date’s email function where you can send your love notes to profiles who are not online when you are.
  • Instant Chat is the real-time messenger where online profiles can engage in live conversations directly with each other.
  • Mood Indicator is a profile’s status bar where emojis can be utilized to show how they are currently feeling.
  • Virtual Gifts are African Date’s online dating gift option where you can send stickers and emojis to express how you feel and add dimension in your conversations.

Each feature has its own credit costs. Live chat costs 1 credit per minute. Offline messages are 1 credit per short message while longer emails cost 10 credits.

A one-way video chat is available at 4 credits per minute while two-way video chats are 6 credits per minute. (Make sure you double check the pricing as this could change at any time!).

Click here to check it out now



Tinder remains one of the most popular dating apps worldwide, and it is pretty popular in South Africa too.

However, due to the nature of Tinder and how matching works – as well as profile creation – it could be a bit more challenging to find a real, genuine match there.

Competition is fierce on Tinder in South Africa, with more men than women looking for a date. Not only that it’s more difficult to start talking to a lady there, but the incidence of scammy profiles is much higher.

For example, a study from 2017 showed that 62% of the people using Tinder in South Africa faked their profile or lied during its creation. This is a pretty big number, showing that you have to be very careful when using the app, no matter if you are male or female.

But Tinder is free, it’s really easy to use and even though it’s extremely superficial when it comes to matching other profiles, it can still offer you some serious opportunities in the world of online dating.

Just make sure that you exercise caution and confirm that the person you’re talking to indeed is the one they claim to be.

To install Tinder on your phone, head over to the App Store or Google Play.

Should You Choose a Dating Site if you Want to Meet South African Women?

Online dating has already become a social norm in the recent years. The use of the internet, computers and smart phones have drawn us closer and allowed us to connect to those who are deemed far.

Women in South Africa have become open to the idea of online dating since this platform allows them the privacy to meet like-minded foreigners before actually going on a real date.

Reputable dating websites are very important as there are numerous social media sites online which facilitate fake profiles and scammers.

A dating website gathers all individuals whose purpose is clear – to meet people in the hopes of establishing meaningful relationships moving forward.

Safety and security are important parts of these websites and they do strive to weed out suspicious members whereas on an ordinary social media platform, you are basically on you own.

Aside from all the internet safety, why spend for a ticket to a foreign country and shoulder costs of living abroad just to meet the person of your dreams?

The best online dating websites will provide you with reasonable means of communicating and connecting with lovely people from South Africa.

Membership fees are very reasonable costs compared to incurring all the expense and spending time and effort of travel.

Make It Worth Your While

Relationships are a lot of work and are built on sincerity, communication and a mutual effort to stay connected.

Registering through a secure and recommended channel will give you the confidence to approach individuals for the first time and enable you to grow your bond in a positive and nurturing environment.

Connecting with people online for dating and more serious relationships is no trivial business.

Our reviews aim to bring to you the best dating sites for meeting South African singles with safe and secure platforms, great membership profiles, and fun features.

Always remember to be prudent in disclosing private data in your communication with other members and always establish trust. We hope you have a fun and fruitful time online.

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