Best Dating Websites in Moldova (2022 Update)

Moldova is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe that is still earning its stars in international tourism. It has been known for its wine, wonderful landscapes and beautiful women. And we’re focusing on the latter in today’s article.

In other words, we’re going to see where can you meet beautiful Moldovan women online – I have to share with you a few amazing websites for that!

Admittedly, there is not much hype about the country yet, but it is gaining the admiration of people from all over the world for what it has to offer.

And if you want to easily access one of its greatest treasures – the ladies there – our list of the best dating sites in Moldova (as well as mobile apps) will help you achieve that without a problem.

Moldova is one country which has managed to keep its culture intact despite having detached from the former Soviet Union, so the majority of Moldovan women hold their intrinsic cultural values even in the modern times.

The girls in Moldova possess that signature beauty inside and out that many would like to get to know better.

The best way to know your dream Moldovan woman is connecting with her through online dating websites.

Get acquainted online, chat, talk, and even see each other online through secure video calling facilities. Perfect for today’s state of the world!

So save yourself from the hassles of trial and error and go through our list of the best dating websites in Moldova.

Here is a quick list in case you’re in a hurry and you don’t want to check out all the details:

You will get a sneak peek of the features of the sites and you’ll be able to choose the best one for you. Hint: we’re sure that you can pick any of them and be extremely happy with the results!

These sites have been vetted for trustworthiness and have long-standing records in the online dating industry.

You will get to see the features and tools available in each platform that will help you establish quality matches in your online dating experience.

Let’s get into each of our top websites for dating in Moldova and learn everything about them.

Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is one of the most traditional websites for dating Eastern European women. Its online presence is notably seen since the beginning of the early 2000 thousands. Apart from Belarusian women you can also chat and meet girls from neighboring countries.

Not only it is one of the most reputable sites in its niche, it is also one the one with the highest number of active users. So when we talk about probabilities, there is a higher chance of finding your potential match on Anastasia Date than in other sites catering this region.

Click here to join

Elena’s Models – Editor’s Choice

Screenshot of the front page in 2020.

This website is one of the longest operating online dating platforms catering to the Eastern European and Russian markets. They have made their mark in the industry with more than 2 million active profiles.

You can expect a high level of engagement and interaction when on this site. While there are several negative reviews, many successful contacts and happy endings (no pun intended) are to be expected.

While you won’t find there women exclusively from Moldova but the entire region, you will find that there’s a fair number of Moldovan women looking to find their match on this website.

Comprehensive Profiles

Elena’s Models Allows you to browse the site free. Joining is very straightforward. You can log in via your Google or Facebook account or join by inputting all relevant information details at the registration box.

All members need to accomplish the joining questionnaire which includes questions that will enhance your matching quality. You will be asked details about your personality and dating goals as well as physical and personality attributes of your ideal match.

This may be unusual since most dating sites will allow you to skip answering these questions for later but doing this at the outset will set you up for higher quality matched from the very beginning.

This small effort will indeed pay off. In order for you to proceed, verification will be necessary from your email account. To further avail of the site perks, Elena’s models offers membership plans that can suit your needs.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Unlike most dating sites where you are offered only one method of subscription, Elena’s Models has both credit system and monthly subscription plans so you can choose the method you prefer.

Gold is the first tier of subscription. With this plan you can chat with up to 50 uses, allowing you both photo and video access. You can also send your interest to an unlimited number of users.

Platinum is a higher-level subscription with chat, video and photo access open and unlimited. Additionally, you can access the site’s direct contact data for users as well as video chat.

For $99.58/month, you unlock all the perks and features of the site – chat, video and photo access as well as the video messaging, direct contact information as well as gifting options.

With this you can also add a coaching package for $299 which contains the whole pet of coaching videos and PDF’s that will enhance your skills in relating to the beautiful women of the region.

If a subscription is not for you, you can also purchase credits which allows contacts based on your interests and activity. This is ideal if you are focused on the number of individuals who you would like to date online.

Regional Trust and Expertise

Due to its longevity in the region, many women do trust their profiles with Elena’s models.

They conduct periodic security sweeps that detect spammy messages and spurious activities but all users must always exercise caution and prudence when exchanging details in the private chats and messages.

Elena’s Models prides itself for having all the necessary no-frills features and good 24/7 customer service. You can check out the website here.

Russian Cupid – Great Alternative

The site’s front page in 2020

Cupid Media Limited, the giant in the online dating website industry has this dedicated website for women in Russia and countries in Eastern Europe which have formerly been part of the then Soviet Union.

It is definitely a top site for women of Slavic and Russian roots. It is also the place where you will find a lot of Moldovan women looking to find their online date.

As in all Cupid Media sites, Russian Cupid has the high-quality features of their online dating sites.

User-friendly Features

Joining Russian Cupid is easy. You can either fill up the membership form manually or attach it to your email or Facebook account and you’re in! Your free membership allows you to use basic matching services and communicate with paying members.

You will have Cupid Tags that will help you describe yourself to narrow down the matches that you can see.

To increase the quality of your matches, you can input detailed descriptions of yourself in the “Match” and “Personality” sections. You can also upload video greetings that can be viewed on your profile.

The Membership Advantage

If you are a free member of Russian Cupid, you will only be able to use the basic matching feature. This includes visibility of the general list of members which you will have to sort through to find your Moldovan beauty.

To avail of the full benefits and features of the site, you can sign up for premium membership. There are two premium subscriptions.

Gold membership allows messaging to all site members and opens the live chat in the site IM with unlimited ability to send and receive messages. Plus, you get anonymous and ad-free browsing on top of the benefits of the standard free member.

For the Platinum membership, you can access to more features like advanced algorithms matches, VIP profile highlighting, larger profile space, and ranked profiles plus the very useful translation function.

This is our top recommended online website in Moldova based on ease of use, friendliness of the women from Moldova you have there and overall price/value rating. You can check it out here.

Romania Kiss – Hidden Gem

romania kiss front page
Front page screenshot from 2022

For a slightly different approach in online dating, Romania Kiss offers excellent regional matching through its unique membership and browsing strategy. This is actually a website that started as a Romanian-language only and evolved to accommodate and international market.

This top Moldovan dating website is pretty different from what you are used to and since it started as a local project, it will surely offer a ton of profiles of beautiful girls and women from Moldova to choose from.

Yes, Moldova is close to Romania (and they speak the same language) so you will find plenty of Moldovan ladies here. This is why I call it a hidden gem – most people wouldn’t visit because of its name, but in reality you have plenty of Moldovan ladies to choose from. Pretty amazing.

The best part about it is that it’s a bit of a hidden gem, meaning that the competition here is not as high as on other similar websites, meaning that in return you will have better chances of finding your match.

Private Browsing

Joining is straightforward and easy. You can type in all your details manually and once you are verified and in, you can mask your profile picture and allow access to your details ONLY for members that you approve. Perfect for people who are really concerned about their privacy.

Aside from this feature, your photo access is also only granted to the individuals you approve. Photo and picture uploads are approved by a moderator and they are quite strict that there be no ambiguous photos like scenery or cartoon characters to represented the member himself or herself.

This is a great feature that shows the websites goes out of its way to ensure a safer experience online.

As I said, this lesser known website can offer you a ton of options and little competition, so why not check it out right away?

Click here to visit Romania Kiss now!


For a comprehensive roster of Moldovan women, Eurodate is another top online dating website to find them. Mainly catering to the European singles, this website has been around since 1993, growing in popularity each year.

Again, it’s not exclusive to finding Moldovan women (we weren’t able to find any website that does that, truth be told), but it still has tons of profiles of beautiful girls and ladies from the area. So you shouldn’t have any problem finding your match there.

All the Features to Make Great Contacts

Eurodate is a no-fuss dating website. Sign-up is straightforward and simple. You may choose to link your Google account or manually key in all your details.

There will be several questions you need to fill up but these are all necessary to ensure a quality match on the website. Verification of the accounts are required and those that do not comply are deactivated by moderators.

Monthly Membership and Credits System

As per the Eurodate website, membership starts with a discounted fee for the first month, and its renewal follows with the standard price. This will include:

  • A showcase of your account to all members for the membership period.
  • A one-time package of 20 Credits to thank you for your subscription.
  • 10 free chats to help you begin communicating with the members of your interest.
  • Unlimited and free offline introduction messages.

However, you can also opt for their credit system where you can pay essentially pay-as-you-use. This is ideal for users because you know that once any communication is sent, they really mean to do it as they pay to avail of the service. The price of 1 credit ranges from $0.4 to $0.8 which can be used for chats, emails, sharing photos and videos.

Basic chat costs 1 credit/ minute; Video Chat – up to 6 credits per minute, Email -10 credits each, and Sending/viewing photos or videos -15 credits each.

With an interesting approach to the dating world and a nice rooster of ladies to choose from, Eurodate is a good choice as well. You can check it out here.



I guess that there are no surprises here when I say that Tinder is the king of the free dating apps in Moldova. It’s extremely popular and used mainly in the larger cities, but growing in popularity on a daily basis.

And while it offers solid advantages due to the sheer number of profiles, Tinder is also a place that requires more caution and is a bit more difficult in terms of actually finding a date. That’s because you are also competing against a much higher number of men looking for attention.

At the same time, Tinder is almost exclusively based on looks. While looks are definitely important and they will always matter for the physical attraction, in some cases you might need more than that.

Then there are scammers and spammy profiles and a lot of crazy stuff happening there. Which means that you will have to invest more time and be extra careful to make sure that you find a genuine lady. But it’s not impossible and for the most part, Tinder is free – which is its main advantage.

In case you haven’t installed it on your phone already, you can visit Tinder’s official website and do so now.

Are online dating websites good for finding women from Moldova?

In today’s world of millennial technology, it has become the norm to meet people and establish relationships and connections online.

Moldova is a beautiful place with lovely people and dating websites are the perfect solution in facilitating contact with Moldovan woman. Wherever you are in the world, meeting girls from Moldova becomes possible.

There’s no need to buy that airline ticket and hop on a plane to Moldova until you get to know her better! All our top dating websites will have communication facilities such as chat and video options. Some even have means by which you can send virtual or real presents.

Such convenience coupled with confidence will help a relationship grow better. All these costs are saved by simply subscribing to a trusted online dating website.

Another plus is that established websites are dedicated to vetting and verifying their members compared to normal social media sites where faking a profile is so much easier.

It makes for safer online meetups but a word of caution – always safeguard your private information and financial details all the time when exchanging information inside video or chat facilities anywhere.

Moldovan Women Prefer Online Dating Websites

With Moldova gaining its mark in the tourism industry, women in Moldova have become very open to getting to know suitors online.

This saves the awkwardness of the first meeting and there is actually much fun derived from having the privacy of an online relationship!

Despite the country evolving towards liberalization, many Moldovan girls still hold to the tradition that they “date to marry”. Online dating helps this since a relationship is keep in discretion until both of you are ready for that all-important real-life meet-up.

So get to know her better, her habits and culture, as well as the explore the possibility of taking a relationship to the next level.

Our list of the best dating websites in Moldova will guide you towards finding the perfect woman for you.

Skip all the scammy websites and stop wasting your time. Simply join any of these best reviewed dating websites in Moldova and be one step closer to the woman of your dreams.

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