Best Dating Sites and Apps in Kenya (2022)

A country well-known for its wildlife preserves and natural landscapes, Kenya is East Africa’s gem.

It serves as a gateway to many landlocked countries on the continent since it is strategically positioned, with a length of beautiful coastline at the fringes of the Indian Ocean. You will be surprised by what Kenya has to offer.

And one of the best part about this country are its women. Women in Kenya are truly one of a kind, and you probably know that already since you’re here looking for the best ways to start dating Kenyan ladies online.

That’s a good things, because we’re here today to share with you the best sites to date women in Kenya.

The country goes beyond the marvels of the Serengeti and the fabulous giraffe breakfasts that are much touted by tourism gurus.

It has historically served as a traders’ port, a hub that allowed for flow of trade and culture into and out of this part of Africa. It has one of the best infrastructures in the region and one of the highest adult literacy rates in the area as well.

This leads us to the beauty of the people. Kenyan women possess a unique beauty and charm that, coupled with their innate intelligence and resilience makes for a very interesting and exotic companion.

With the growing technology and faster internet facilities in the country, online dating sites have become the way to connect with beautiful Kenyan singles – even without having to be there physically.

Best Dating Websites in Kenya

To eliminate the guessing game on which online dating website to join, we have come up with a list of the top Kenyan online dating sites and apps.

It discusses the features and membership perks so you need not waste time surfing and vetting websites online.

Unlike general social media sites, the platforms we list are dedicated to matching singles in Kenya with interested individuals all over the world. Specialized website tools are available to increase your chances of meeting a compatible partner and having as much fun as possible.

Save yourself from the hassles of trial and error. Go through our list of the best dating websites in Kenya and get a bird’s eye view of what’s in store. Here is a quick list in case you’re in a hurry and don’t need all the details:

Now let’s fine out more about each of the top websites for online dating in Kenya!

1. KenyanDating – Top Choice

Kenyan dating

The giant in the online dating scene worldwide, World Singles Networks, has once again outdone itself in creating a dedicated website for matching Kenyan singles to all nationalities around the world.

You will find the most comprehensive number of profiles by Kenyan women here, all actively interested in starting a new relationship.

This is the website that we had most success with and let me tell you that the ladies here really mean business and are not here to play around or just waste time.

Ease of Use

You will immediately feel at ease when joining KenyanDating. You can register by filling up the large form on the home page manually or simply link it with your Facebook account and voila! – You’re in!

You will find the website extremely easy to use, with all the features that you need to meet your Kenyan woman that you’ve dreamed about for so long.

Everything is just one or two clicks away – so start by adding some photos (you can add up to 20, so don’t shy out on this matter as the first impression is a real deal maker here).

You can start to message other members and use the website to find your match.

Becoming a Platinum Member

If you want to get the most out of KenyanDating, we recommend becoming a Platinum (paid) member. This not only ensures that your messages are top priority to other members, but also gives you extra points in the eyes of the ladies there.

In the end, a man who is ready to pay a bit for a premium dating experience is a man who is ready to commit and who can also support that type of lifestyle.

It’s not like the women on the website are gold diggers or scammers – it’s just that you inspire more confidence if you are a paying member.

You already get one step ahead of the freeloaders and free members and you send a clear message that you are there to find a date, not to waste time.

So getting the Platinum membership is what we recommend for all the premium features and bonuses that you get.

Definitely, take some time to browse around and see if you really feel the website and how it’s built (we absolutely love it!) but once you’re ready to get serious, get that premium membership and find your next date.

Most likely, you won’t need to try another service or website. This is a place with thousands of active ladies from Kenya looking to meet the man of their dreams. You can be that one, especially since you’re up against a lot less competition than other, completely free to use, places.

Click here to check out the website now.

2. AfroIntroductions


A sister site of mega-dating site Cupid Media, AfroIntroductions has a comprehensive database of members spanning the whole of Africa.

It is also one of the hubs which Kenyan singles love to join since they also connect with singles form other African nations. While you encounter other nationalities, quality Kenyan singles profiles also abound in this site.

It lodges around 2.5 million registered users worldwide. It is ranked as the top African website. With the Cupid Media backing, it is one of the best sites to meet Kenyan singles worldwide.

Easy Sign Up

Afrointroductions also offers manual input of data or link-up with your email or Facebook to join the site. Later on, you will be required to verify your identity with government documents.

While not compulsory, it is highly recommended that you do so to make the trustworthiness of your profile better. This ensures more quality matches from individuals with real profiles who set on meeting partners as well.

However, profile picture uploading on AfroIntroductions is not automatic. There is a 24- to 48-hour window that they need to verify that your picture has not been lifted off from the internet.

Getting in Touch on AfroIntroductions

When you join for free, you can see the general roster of members. Basic matching services will be available but these are quite general and massive.

You can also use the “send Interest” buttons but you will only be allowed to reply to messages from profiles who are subscribed to AfroIntroductions membership plans. It’s quite simple and affordable to join the fun!

As a member, you will get on top of the basic services the following perks:

  • Access to search filters
  • Communicate with all members
  • Hide your Profile
  • Browse Anonymously
  • Live chat and instant messenger
  • Get ranked above other profiles
  • VIP profile highlight

There are two membership plans available: Gold and Platinum, each adding a new set of goodies and advantages to existing members.

Translation and Language services are premium services available only if you register for Platinum membership. Video chat is also available making upgrading to membership plan the most practical and affordable step to take for a more complete online dating experience.

You can visit the AfroIntroduction Website here.

3. DateMeKenya

Date Me Kenya

This trailblazing website dedicated to meeting Kenyan singles was created by a 4th-generation Kenyan Ian Isherwood who is said to personally sift through the profiles periodically to detect fake profiles and scammers.

This website was a project he created to help family and friends meet people and find nice people to date. It then blossomed into one of the most committed and finicky dating niches to meet Kenyan singles.

Local Dating Registry Alert!

This amazing website is great if you are residing in Kenya since upon registration, you will be required to provide a Kenyan telephone number along with your email and other pertinent personal information.

The DateMEKenya team will then review the profile to check on the veracity of your number and intent of looking for a personal relationship online. Professionals are also preferred.

So, if you are in Kenya, this is a great site – let’s find out more on what makes this a unique website to meet Kenyan singles!

Features and Packages

Your free DateMEKenya plan is called Rafiki membership. These are the features open to you:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Create your own DateMe ideas
  • Upload photos of you
  • Browse our members’ profiles
  • Answer questions and see your matches

The next level plan is called Premium Chui which gives you more perks which include:

  • Create and attend fun events
  • Upload even more photos of you
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See who viewed and winked at you
  • Add members to your favorites list
  • Full access to the discussion forums

The highest-level plan is the VIP Simba Plan which has great extra benefits.

  • Incognito browsing (visit someone’s profile without them knowing)
  • Hide your profile from everyone except your favorites
  • Hide your photos from everyone except your favorites
  • VIP Customer Service
  • Turn off ads

The most unique feature of this site is arranging and attending of social events that are organized by the site owners themselves! They have been known for their fun speed-dating sessions and you can create and organize events with their approval as well.

You can upload your ideas and discuss in their forums making it a truly interactive community of singles where true meaningful relationships can be formed.

You can visit the site here.

4. CloudRomance

Cloud Romance

CloudRomance boasts to be one of the largest Kenyan based dating websites. While it takes a bit of time of join as you have to input all the details manually, it is absolutely free. They boast of their 4-step system which is:

  1. Tell Us About Yourself
  2. Find Singles
  3. Communicate
  4. Meet in Person

You can access the search filters to narrow down your matches. However, being a free site, you might encounter some fake profiles and scammers so take care in parting with sensitive private information.

While their customer service is also present to help police the site, there are constant reminders on the site on safe surfing and safe personal contact.

Fulfills the Basic Needs

In CloudRomance, you are able to show your interest to other member profiles by using “Winks.” To further explore a profile, you can browse through their uploaded photos on their photo albums.

Friend circles can also be added so you can keep track of the people you like. And of course, to be in touch, there is an inbox where you can send and receive messages from other members.

A relatively straightforward and simple online dating website, it has less quality filtering and you might encounter indecent photos and proposals. Always exercise caution in exchanging information and communicating with other members.

Click here to visit the website.

5. Tinder


King Tinder, the most popular dating app worldwide is starting to become more and more popular in Kenya. Not as popular as in other places, but still a good choice if you’re ready to do some work and profile siphoning.

Because, yes, you will waste a lot of time on Tinder in Kenya trying to identify and get rid of the fake profiles, the scammers and gold diggers.

So always use it with caution (although it’s not really a nightmare and you can still find genuine ladies there – and lots of them too).

The competition on Tinder is also bigger than elsewhere, but if you are a foreigner, you will automatically have a bit of an advantage, so make sure to put it to work!

Remember that Kenya is still a country with traditional dating values, so Tinder doesn’t really work well with all girls there. On the flip side, those who use it are really openminded and might accept to visit your bedroom faster than others.

So as long as you are careful and ready to battle some stiff competition, you can have some solid results with Tinder in Kenya, although we definitely recommend signing up for a premium service to have access to a greater pool of ladies and to reduce the chances of getting scammed.

Why Choose a Dating Site If You Want to Meet Women from Kenya?

Online dating in Kenya has been on a rise in the recent years as the country improves on its high-speed fiber optic services.

It takes a constant exchange of ideas and time for one to get to know the other better. This certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Online dating websites offer a safe and affordable platform for this.

There is no need to travel to the country just to get to know the beautiful lady as dating websites now provide the most convenient facilities for communication – from correspondence to real time.

Expressions of affection need not be limited to talking over video or emails. In today’s online dating platforms, you can already send flowers, cake and other gift items through the same secure platform – you dating website!

No more worrying if you have contacted a reputable florist or gift shop as they have all been vetted for you. For millennial dating, virtual gifts are also available as love tokens.

A dating website for meeting women in Kenya frees you from the expensive, time-consuming effort of getting to know her.

Only when you have fairly established that she is “The One” – you can start shelling out the big bucks – airfare, hotel bookings, the works! – to see her in real!

The Dating Culture in Kenya

Kenya, in many areas of the country, is relatively conservative. Quality real life dating can be had if introduced online where a lot of the formalities can be spared since the population is composed of people with varied organic habits and practices.

Amidst the diversity, what holds true is that Kenyans hold up in esteem family and their community or circle.

Getting to know your Kenyan match online becomes your gateway into the specific traditions that that they might have, especially with regards to upping the relationship to a more serious level.

Enjoy getting to know great singles online through the best dating websites in Kenya with our recommendations.

Even if we can be assured of the safety and security that these websites afford to the data you share with them in your profiles, always be careful in disclosing your private details in the private chats and protect yourself from scammers.

With that in mind, have a great time finding the perfect Kenyan match!

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