Best Dating Sites & Apps in Brazil (2022 Update)

Today we’re looking at the best dating websites in Brazil, as well as apps that will help you find your next partner easily and without too much of a hassle.

Everything has moved online lately – and this is a really good thing when it comes to dating, as it allows you to avoid or at least easily get over potentially awkward situations and rejections that traditional dating comes with.

If you want to get straight to the point, below are the top dating sites and apps in Brazil (we’ll explain why they are the best afterward – so keep reading!):

If you want to learn why the above are considered your best choices when it comes to finding your next dream woman in Brazil, read on for more details!

1. Brazil Cupid – Best Choice

Brazil Cupid

This is by far the best choice that you have when when it comes to an online dating site dedicated to meeting single women from Brazil.

It has over 1 million users – genuine people and not just those fake profiles that are there for other purposes rather than dating and finding true romance!

This is a premium website that facilitates meeting new people and potentially finding love or just your next partner, allowing you to sort people based on various details like age, body type and more in order to make sure that you indeed find a real match that fits your taste and desires.

Being a premium website, it also means that most of the freeloaders are not present, generally giving males an advantage in a crowded space: paying for a premium membership is not something all want to do or afford, thus reducing competitions and increasing the chances of being noticed by that hot Brazilian woman you’ve always dreamed about.

Dating websites with a paid membership are the best option when it comes to dating because you know that all sides are committed and serious about dating, not just there to look around and/or waste your time.

This website will really give you an advantage if you are a foreigner, no matter if you already live in Brazil or just plan to visit sometime in the future.

This is because the ladies that create their profile on Brazil Cupid are usually very good at speaking English and more interested in finding a partner from another country than from Brazil.

As we said, BrazilCupid is the #1 website when it comes to finding your ideal match in Brazil so make sure to at least check it out to see what it’s all about.

Click here to visit now.

2. Latin American Cupid

Latin American Cupid

If you need some additional variety, you fortunately have a fair number of websites and apps to choose from, one of them being Latin American Cupid (which is actually operated by the same company that owns Brazil Cupid).

While not dedicated exclusively to a specific country, but to the entire South American continent, it offers a plenty of options when it comes to finding your next partner in Brazil so you won’t be disappointed.

Plus, if you are still not 100% sure that you want to meet a girl from Brazil (or you just want to keep your options open) this is a great place to test the waters as well.

It has tons of profiles for both men and women, all active and interested in finding a partner for long or short term relationships.

This is also a premium website (meaning that you need to pay in order to use all of its features), which means that people there are genuinely interested in dating, and not time wasters.

As always, this gives you a slight advantage over the competition, as you won’t find as many people willing to pay so it’s definitely easier for you than it would be on a free dating app.

Click here to visit now.

3. AmoLatina

Amo Latina

Another website that covers the entire South American region and has plenty of female and male profiles for people looking to find a date in Brazil.

The website itself is really nice, with tons of features apart from your regular chat and therefore a lot more options for you to make sure that you indeed click with your partner before going on with a face to face date.

This is a premium website that requires a membership in order to get access to all of its features which, as we already decided, is actually an advantage for those who are seriously looking for a new partner: freeloaders are sorted out and the competition for attention is fair.

It has a more than fair number of profiles from Brazil, with most ladies speaking good English and apparently more interested in foreigners than in locals. This is definitely an advantage for you if you happen to be from another country.

Click here to visit now.

4. Brazil Amo

Brazil Amo

This is a newer, smaller website dedicated exclusively to finding your Brazilian date. However, we had some really pleasant experiences with it.

Although not as active as the ones recommended above, it still offers plenty of options to both men and women looking to start a new relationship.

The good thing here is that you can sign up as a free member and test the waters first, then decide if it’s worth committing to or not. While this is a smaller website than the ones above, it could also be an advantage because the competition here is even lower too!

We still believe that you have better chances when there are millions of profiles to browse and choose from, but it never hurts to know that you have options.

Click here to check it out.

5. Tinder


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, and you have certainly have heard of it already. While it is also trending in Brazil, offering plenty of options, it has some good and bad sides worth mentioning.

The biggest plus of Tinder is the volume. You will probably find more men and women looking for a date, if we are talking about absolute numbers.

The cons are Tinder are substantial though. Firstly, the lack of a more complete profile per user makes matching almost exclusively based on appearance, which is not necessarily a highly effective way to match people.

Moreover, the amount of spam/scam profiles is also pretty high, resulting in wasted time in best case scenarios.

Also, these sheer numbers make it a very competitive environment – especially for men looking to get the attention of ladies who are basically bombarded with tons of messages from hundreds of men. We don’t say that it can’t work, but you have to put a lot more effort in it.

In case you don’t have it already, you can download Tinder for free on iOS or Android from its official website.

Why choose online websites if you’re looking for a date in Brazil?

Definitely, traditional dating has its own Pros and is still big part of the scene in Brazil, with many people preferring it to more traditional alternatives.

In most cases, nothing beats the thrill of approaching somebody in a bar or club or the street or anywhere… but this isn’t the only way to do it.

Online dating is growing at a tremendous speed in Brazil, becoming more popular each day and we have to admit that it’s extremely convenient. Even now, with so many social and physical restrictions, it’s simply easier and safer.

In most cases, it allows you to find out more about a person before approaching – you read their profile and get at least some basic details before making your move, but you could find out more even before the first “hello” including potentially deal-breaking stuff (they have kids, they smoke, they like a band you hate, whatever).

It also makes rejections easier to deal with and less awkward, while it allows for a deeper connection and a better understanding of the potential partner before moving on for an actual live meeting.

In other words, for both genders, online dating is safer and better and more convenient and fortunately with its growing popularity in Brazil, it almost guarantees that you will find your soul mate or at least your next great partner there. It’s not something to stay away of, on the contrary!

More and more people are finding their love online, so don’t consider it something you should stay away from.

Should You Consider a Dating App or Site?

We believe that those premium websites are also better than the free ones – especially for men – since the number of competitors drops significantly compared to free apps and websites and you have better chances at impressing your Brazilian girl.

To increase your chances even more, make sure to read our guide to Brazilian women and what they like.

But ladies get better options there as well, since they know that the time wasters and freeloaders are generally sorted out – the men who pay for using a dating website or app are definitely interested in a more serious commitment and not just looking for fun.

So yes, it is a win-win situation and something that will surprise you: if you haven’t created a profile on a dating website, it’s time to do so. It’s not a shame, it’s not awkward, it’s not bad. It’s just how things are now.


With all these in mind, you have everything you need to find your next date – and potentially life-long partner using our recommended apps and websites.

If we were to choose just one, that would be the first recommendation, Brazil Cupid which has a huge user base and offers everything you could wish for in a dating site. But you have even more options to choose your favorite and make it work.

And if you’re still not 100% set on Brazil, we have covered other countries in ther region! Make sure to check our guides to the best dating sites in Colombia, or go even more exotic and learn everything about the best ways to date Domincan Republic women.

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