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Want to date a South Korean girl? If that is a yes, here’s a brief guide of the best dating websites and apps where you can meet these women and change the way you find a date. 

South Koreans are notorious for being very vocal about their lovelife, especially on social media. However, if you look at their posts closely, their dedication to their relationships bleeds through. They are also very loving to their partners to the point every single day is something to celebrate despite their busy schedules. 

Since they are very active in social media and on the net in general, South Korean women are very easy to find. However, if you are looking for those who are looking for a date, there are quite a lot of options to choose from. But, if you want to use the best ones in the list, here are our recommendations for the best dating sites and apps in South Korea: 


If you are talking about the best dating site used by South Koreans, you definitely have to include Korean Cupid in this list. 

The site is owned by Cupid Media, the world’s largest and most popular dating company. They are dedicated in creating dating websites for singles who are looking for someone to be with online. 

Thanks to the fact it is owned by Cupid Media, KoreanCupid is very easy to move around. Simply create a profile and once it is finished, you can start checking out the profiles of other users who have similar interests as you do. You can use the search bar to look for possible matches. When you do find the person that matches your interests, you can send them a message easily. 

If you want to maximize your membership with KoreanCupid, they do offer paid membership. There are three membership levels that allow users to get certain services. Standard allows users to check their matches and send messages. Gold members can check their matches, send messages and browse the site anonymously without ads. The highest tier is the Platinum membership where you have full access to the site’s features. 

Click here to open an account on KoreanCupid

Asian Dating

Aside from Korean Cupid, Asian Dating is one of the most popular dating sites used by South Koreans. 

Established around 10 years ago, Asian Dating is owned by Cupid Media, the same people behind Korean Cupid. However, unlike Korean Cupid, Asian Dating has a wider user base as it is open to all Asian singles looking for a date. 

Starting on the site is very simple because Asian Dating has the same format as other Cupid Media-owned dating sites. Users have to create a profile before they can start browsing for people who may share their interests. If someone caught your eye, you can send them a message and receive a reply even if they are not a premium member. 

Premium membership is also available with Asian Dating. Using this feature, you can have full access to the site without being bothered by ads. You will also have more chances of meeting new people.

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DangYeonSi is another dating app that is very popular in South Korea. 

Created by BNK Lab, a Korean startup company, the app boasts a whopping 1.6 million users. The entire app is in the Korean language. In other words, users will have to be familiar with Korean to be able to go around the site. 

If you are able to read and understand Korean, you can to create a profile. This profile will go through a verification process before you can go around the site. Once it is verified, you will be able to check your potential matches on the app and be able to pick them through the tournament function of the app. However, before you can chat with them, you will need to purchase tickets which act as a subscription to access the chat option of the app. 

DangYeonSi is available at the App Store and on the Play Store.


Korean Dating Site

If you want a different experience in dating websites or apps, you may want to try out Amanda. When you use this app, you will be rated based on your overall appearance. You will be asked to fill in a profile and send in your photo to begin and the app’s analytics will check how well you fare. Some may find this a bit heartbreaking, while others may see it as a confidence booster. 

Regardless of your ratings as noted by the app, you will be able to meet a lot of South Koreans who are looking for a friend, relationship and many others. You can also chat with them if you find the ones that match your preferences and if they also like your profile. 

It is important to note that this app is only in Korean so you will need to have Korean proficiency to be able to use this app. 

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Korean Dating Apps

If you are looking for a South Korean date that is in a certain age group or have great credentials, SKY PEOPLE should be in your list. 

The app was designed by a university student who wants to help out people who want to date people who come from a good university or are in good jobs. South Koreans take this very seriously because it may influence the quality of their life once they get married. 

It is not very easy to get into this app because if you are men, you will have to prove that you come from a good university. Alternatively you can get in if you are currently have a successful career. Women can easily apply on the app without this requirement, but they usually have good backgrounds if you check their profiles. 

Click here to visit SKY PEOPLE website


Another unique dating app that you may want to try is Noondate. 

Created by startup Mozzet Co.Ltd, users will be given a chance to get a match every day at noon based on their current location. Two profile cards will appear in the app every day every 12:00 pm. Users can pick the profile card they want to show their interest. If the person likes your profile back, it will be a match. Only then you will be able to start chatting with each other. 

According to the company, they have 5 million users on the site. The user base keeps on growing, as well as their unique algorithm that pairs users up. Users will have to undergo a 24 hour review before they can use the site because the company makes sure that everyone is a valid user. If there is anything misleading on the profile, the person will be banned from the app immediately.  

Click here to visit Noondate website

Why Use Online Dating Sites and Apps to meet South Korean singles?

As we mentioned above, South Koreans are very active in social media. If you want to meet them outside their busy schedule, you definitely have to maximize what is available online. Online dating sites and apps can help you find these South Korean singles and make the whole process of meeting new people easier. This will definitely work for you if you tend to get shy in meeting new people in real life. 

It is also much cheaper to use an online dating website or app to reach out to South Korean singles rather than having to fly across the world to be with them. When you do that, you will have to pay for plane tickets, accommodations and you have to navigate around South Korean to find them. There is no guarantee you will be able to do so during your stay. But, with online dating sites or apps, you will be able to reach out to them easier and not have to pay thousands of dollars to do so. If you do have to pay, it will only cost you a few dollars to be a premium member. 

When you get a hang of using dating sites, you can use the chance to get to know your prospective partners better. South Koreans, in particular, will be able to identify your intentions easier through online means and be ok to meet you once you both learn more about each other. 

Find your South Korean Love Today!

Dating a South Korean will change the way you look at relationships because they practice a combination of both traditional and modern values that will strengthen your relationship. It will also keep your relationship healthy even as you both work on your chosen careers. 

All the websites and apps we listed on this site can help you in the right direction if you feel like a South Korean woman is the one who can make your life a little brighter. We hope that this article provided you with some insight as to how these channels work and how you can use it to change your relationship status for the better. 

Always take precautions when you do use these sites or apps because there may be people who are hiding in the side to try and scam you. If you can spare some dollars, use it to pay for a premium subscription so you can adjust the search results accordingly. Good luck!

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