Best Dating Sites and Apps in India (in 2022)

Are you intrigued by the Indian culture with its mysticism, inherent intelligence, and physical appeal? Then you are ready to plunge into the world of online dating to meet amazing Indian ladies that will make all your dreams come true.

Beyond Bollywood, the Taj Mahal, its rich ancient history, and marvelous opportunities, India has a treasure in its huge population of beautiful people.

Our picks for the best dating sites in India will be useful in opening a whole new world of connections with singles from India, so you can finally find that dream Indian woman you were dreaming of – all without leaving the comfort of your own home!

With travel getting a bit difficult nowadays, what better way to get to know someone from across the globe than through a trusted online dating platform?

No need to traverse the miles and even go through the vast expanse of India. Meet her online first! Let us take you there virtually.

Here are our picks for the best dating websites and apps in India:

There is a multitude of dating websites that cater to Indian singles. Oftentimes, we scratch our heads and dive into them blindly. But this is a wrong approach and we’re here to help you fix it.

Whether this is your first foray into the online dating scene or if you are familiar with how these sites work, we offer the best reviews on the features of the top dating websites to save you the pain of having to scroll through all the fine print.

Get to see the website perks so you can choose one that suits your taste best. And, most importantly, make sure that you end up joining a website that is filled with genuine profiles and no scams.

Remember that all premium dating websites – and men who join them – are held in high regard in India, and you will have a huge advantage over the general male population by simply joining and showing the ladies that you mean business and have the means to support your desires.

Desi Kiss – Editor’s Choice

Desi Kiss - Indian Dating Website

Under the experience and technology of World Singles group, Desi Kiss is an online dating platform made specially to cater to meet singles in India.

They have been in the industry since 2001 and boast of their dedicated service to making online dating a quality experience for their subscribers.

Ease of Use and Membership Security

Joining Desi Kiss is as easy as linking it with your Facebook account. However, you can also choose the longer route of entering your data and email. This is still a relatively simple and easy process.

You might find comfort that Desi Kiss filters spam users and fake profiles usually blocking their entry into the site at the outset. If they manage to get through registration, admin sweeps will disable the account.

The profiles on Desi Kiss are relatively simple and straightforward. You can upload up to 20 pictures on your profile. Upon joining, the website will prompt you to install an optional extension for easy surfing access and notifications on your desktop.

Power Up with Membership

Desi Kiss features will open up when you register with their Platinum Power subscriptions. These features are available to you once you sign up:

  • Chat Ability with All Member Profiles
  • Access to Advanced Search Filters
  • Profile Visibility is Upped in the Roster
  • Ad-Free Surfing

Fees become lesser if you pay in bulk months. We know that the costs add up if you pay for longer periods of time, but it’s really worth it! Membership can be paid via Paypal or Credit Card and their payment gateway is as safe as it gets.

Don’t be misled with the simplicity of the site! The World Singles group has now boasted over 4.5 successful connections globally. With their high level of customer care and great membership value, you could go a long way in finding the perfect Indian woman there.

So head over to the website and create your account now!

International Cupid

International Cupid - India

The main dating website of Cupid Media group, International Cupid is considered to be a great platform for meeting singles of Indian descent since you can view members of the ethnicity who live in different parts of the world – even in locations nearest to you!

The website has the same perks, pricing, and features as their popular niche site Indian Cupid (more about it below).

Membership in this particular site is best if you seek to connect not only with locals in India but with those who are living in other countries as well!

This is actually our top choice and recommendation, simply because it is the most popular of the bunch and you will find many more profiles than you would anywhere else. And all of these ladies here are actively looking for a date.

Even more, they might not be completely against relocation – hence them joining an International dating site. Bonus points if you are not 100% sure you want to relocate to India or live there indefinitely!

The Perfect Reason to Subscribe

When you cross country borders, you might encounter a language barrier. Most Indian nationals are very conversant in English, but should you find yourself less confident in English or encounter a profile you want to know better, International Cupid has the Message Translation feature that allows texts to be translated instantly to the language you use and vice versa.

Membership Packages

To unlock messaging with Live Chat Messenger with unlimited sending and receiving capabilities subscribe to Premium Gold. You also get ad-free browsing with these rates.

Platinum unlocks additional features like advanced algorithms matches, VIP profile highlighting, larger profile space, and ranked profiles and the very useful message translation function.

A great website overall, click here to check it out.

Indian Cupid

Indian Cupid

Specially developed for meeting Indian singles, this niche site from Cupid Media has all the features and security backing from the online dating giant. It has grown to be one of the most trusted sites for online dating plus it has a quality pool of verified Indian profiles.

Easy Sign-Up and Quality Profiles

Joining Indian Cupid is hassle-free and easy with access granted easily when you link it up with your Facebook or email account. Verification of your account through email or with valid identification documents is optional but highly advised to up the credibility of your account.

This will assure higher-quality matches. You can be confident when linking up with other confirmed profiles as the site makes use of Cupid Media’s well-known online security system and periodic fraud detection checks.

The profile layout of Indian Cupid contains all the basic information you need to make a match with many providing more details on preferences, values, and other criteria. This makes filtering your matches easier.

Photos that are uploaded may take up to 48 hours before it can be published as the site admins run it for checks of authenticity.

Premium Membership Perks

Once you become a regular free member of Indian Cupid, you can access the basic tools such as viewing of the general roster of profiles. Although many features will not be available, you can already see the number of quality profiles available for you to connect with.

Sending messages to other profiles under the free membership is locked. You can, however, reply to Premium members.

What else can you do as a free member? You can “Show Interest” or add profiles you like to “Favorites”. A member ID number helps you distinguish profiles as there can be similar names on the site.

The next level in Indian Cupid membership is to subscribe to Gold. This will include the basic free services plus you can now have the ability to communicate with all members. Furthermore, Live Chat with Instant Messenger will be available with unlimited sending and receiving capabilities plus there will be no ad popups.

Platinum unlocks additional features like advanced algorithms matches, VIP profile highlighting, larger profile space, and ranked profiles and the very useful message translation function.

Special Features

  • Verified Member’s Badge – valid identification document (passport, driver’s license, etc.) has been submitted by a member.
  • Highly recommended since this increases trust among members. Admins also actively do a sweep of unverified and inactive profiles, disabling them. This assures that the group is kept safer from spammers and scammers.
  • Message Filter – weed out unwanted messages which will be saved directly to a separate folder for profiles you have blocked.
  • Profile Notes – private remarks that you can place on different profiles that only you can view about that specific profile.
  • Advance Filtering – account set-up that allows you to search by interest and saves your favorite profiles – specifically the “My Interest” and “My Favorite” functions.

Indian Cupid lives up to the reputation of its umbrella dating site under Cupid Media in providing a high-quality, safe and enjoyable platform for meeting Indian singles.

Click here to check it out.

Indian Dating - top Indian dating website is an online dating platform that has a great selection of members from the local singles community in India. It caters mainly to English-speaking members within the country as well as hosts international members conversant in English.

While it is open to all, you will find that the bulk of the profiles are from individuals of Indian origin. If you are in love with the culture, this is the perfect dating website for you to be joining!

Registration Ease and Profile Quality

Becoming a member of is easy. You simply enter your preference, location, and email – then you are prompted to verify your account.

Note that you will be sent a verification code in your email that may be forwarded to your “Social” or “Spam” messages. Once you verify, you’re in!

Immediately, you sense the heightened security of the site. When uploading pictures, they already give reminders on the do’s and don’ts, with a lead time for photo approval before it is uploaded into your profile.

Flexible Membership Scheme has a unique membership scheme. You can test the waters using a daily pay subscription at $.99 only.

If you like what you see (and we’re sure you will!) you can move on and pay for longer memberships which become more and more affordable as the time frame you’re paying for increases.

Together with your paid subscription, you get to enjoy the following upgrades:

  • Unlimited chats
  • Big photos for your profile
  • ‘Looking for’ info
  • Extended search
  • Premium support
  • Share photos and videos in chat

Creative Perks

Being a part of is not complete without participating in their unique “Flirtcast” – a feature where you can post your opinion on a situation prompted by the website to which other members react to.

This is a great and fun way to break the ice with other members. E-flirts allow you to express interest in other profiles.

So head over to and check it out!



Probably everybody has heard about the popular dating app – and people in India make no exception. As a result, Tinder is very popular there and its biggest PRO is that you can use it without paying anything.

Of course, that goes well hand in hand with sheer volume. Since this is a free app, it has a ton of users – both men and women looking for a date, a relationship or whatnot.

But its simplistic approach to dating and matching people – which is based almost exclusively on looks (and we all know how deceiving photos can be!) is one of its biggest cons. If you’re looking for a one night fling, that’s OK – but that will also rarely, if ever, work in India!

Moreover, the amount of spam/scam profiles is also pretty high, resulting in wasted time in best case scenarios.

The competition is also really high, especially for men who are looking to find a lady to date. This is made up for due to the sheer number of profiles, but in the end, you get fewer chances and lower quality matches than with a premium website dedicated to dating in India. But you can try Tinder since it’s free.

You can download it on mobile from its official website.

Why Go on a Dating Site to Meet Women in India?

While the local culture has been known to practice arranged marriages, Indian families have now become more liberal to singles seeking partners on their own.

They are also known as “love matches”. However, there is still some stigma attached to hopping from partner to partner and being seen out with many men.

In most Western countries, socializing with the opposite sex is quite the norm, but Indian communities take a more reserved position when it comes to dating.

This is where online dating websites come in! Many beautiful, eligible, and interesting Indian girls go to the internet to find the love of their life since it saves them the time and preserves their reputation while getting to know a certain guy better.

Connecting online is discreet, fun, and private. Establishing a relationship and determining compatibility on a communication level can be accomplished without the prying eyes of parents, community gossips, or nosy friends.

Online dating has become the perfect “first step” into opening a more serious relationship with your girl from India. You are both brought closer through the many communication methods without having to spend a cent on travel.

The dating platforms also allow for reviews and reporting so you have a layer of security when it comes to preserving your privacy than just direct messaging on generic social media sites.

Top Dating Sites You Can Trust

Connecting with people online for dating and more serious relationships is no trivial business. On the contrary, this is the most common way couples are made these days.

Our reviews aim to bring to you the best dating sites for meeting Indian singles with safe and secure platforms, great membership profiles, and fun features.

Always remember to be prudent in disclosing private data in your communication with other members and always establish trust. We hope you have a fun and fruitful time online.

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