Best Dating Sites and Apps in the Philippines 2021

Check below the best dating websites and apps for meeting Filipino women! These online ways will make your search for interesting and like-minded women easier than before. 

They say that if you want to be with someone who can help you stay positive no matter what, you should date a Filipina. Filipinas are very cheerful, smart and will definitely make you feel loved. You will even be getting a new family when you date a Filipina. 

If you want to meet a woman from the Philippines, there are a lot of websites and apps that you can check out.

What’s great with these websites and apps is that you won’t just meet one or two Filipinas, you will meet a lot of great people whom you can be friends with. You can also avoid dating faux-pas that may be quite awkward to recover from. 

Since there are a lot of websites and apps out there that promise that you can meet great people to date, it can be hard to spot which one is a legitimate site or app. To help you out, here are our recommendations for the best dating sites and apps in the Philippines: 

Filipino Cupid – Editor’s Choice

When it comes to the most popular dating website in the Philippines, Filipino Cupid tops that list. This site is owned by Cupid Media, an international dating company known for opening dating sites in various parts of the globe. 

Just like other Cupid Media-run sites, you can easily find a date through Filipino Cupid. Simply create your profile and check out the photos of its users. If you want to search for someone specific, you can use the search bar and adjust the filters to find your perfect date. 

Filipino Cupid has three different membership levels: Standard, Gold and Platinum. In Standard, you will only be able to check basic matches and send messages. In Gold, which starts for $34.99 per month, you will be able to browse the site with no ads and anonymously.

The Platinum membership, which costs $39.99 per month, will allow you to browse the site and maximize all its features. 

Click here to create an account on FilipinoCupid


Pinalove is a specific website for those looking to find a filipina to date. While you may be also find a guy if you are a girl looking to date a filipino, most of the locals on this site are women.

The site is quite active and you can access it from both your phone (as an app) as well as from your browser.

It features plenty of profiles from Philippines women that are looking to find a date. Based on our own experience, men from other countries get extra points.

So if you are from the US or Western Europe – but also Australia or New Zealand – you will find it extremely easy to draw the attention of the women on Pinalove.

This doesn’t mean that they are gold diggers or anything like that – it just happens that they are more open and interested to meeting people from other cultures.

Check more information on Pinalove website.


If you don’t want to pay for a subscription but still be able to meet great people to get to know and date, OkCupid is a contender.

Although it is not exclusively made to feature one country, the app does allow you to search for attractive Pinays in their 20s to their 30s. You can also message them and check their photos without paying for the service. 

However, what makes OkCupid interesting is that if you want them to see your messages, they have to like your profile.

The women can check your profile in their Discovery feed, Double Take feeds and in the search results. Each area will automatically update and rotate for them to women to check out. 

You can get additional perks if you joined the “A-List” program offered by the site/app. The program starts at $19.95 monthly for the Basic list and $34.90 monthly for the Premium program.

In the A-List Basic scheme, you can refine your search results and know who checked your messages and profile.

Meanwhile, the Premium scheme will put your profile upfront automatically when more female users are online and your messages will also appear on top of their inbox. 

OkCupid is available online and on Google Play or on the App Store

When it comes to pioneering online dating, AsianDating has been in the scene for more than 10 years. It is also under the Cupid Media-network like Filipino Cupid, opening the doors for singles to meet Asian women who can be their forever. 

To start with Asian Dating, interested users simply have to create a profile and start browsing or searching for those who match your preferences and interests. You can also send a message to those who caught your interest and receive one back without problems. 

Like Filipino Cupid, AsianDating also offers membership perks that will allow users to access the site without ads and get more chances in getting their profiles seen by more Filipinas. 

AsianDating is available through its website. 


If you want to get to know Filipinas looking for a serious relationship, CoffeeMeetsBagel may be the app for you. 

The women you can meet in this app are Filipinas ages 25 and up, which is perfect if you want to meet people with various interests. The app is much like Tinder where you can pick the profiles you like and see if they are a perfect match or “Bagels.” 

But while you try to match with Filipinas in the app, CMB makes sure that users don’t just keep trying to like girls without checking the profiles correctly. Only 21 bagels can be liked by their male users each day which resets every noon.

Meanwhile, the female users will only be able to check who has been “liking” their profile. If there is a match, the users will be able to start chatting and eventually, in real life.

Outside the regular Bagels given to each profile daily, people can also check for profiles in the “Discovery” section. If you want to “Take” your profile from the “Discovery” section, you will need to use the in-app currency known as “Beans” which you can earn as you use the app. 

Like the other apps and websites in this list, there is a premium membership available for $34.95 where you have more chances to explore the app. 

CoffeeMeetsBagel is available in both Google Play and the App Store


Like Tinder and CoffeeMeetsBagel, Bumble also uses the same “swipe for yes or no” system.

However, what makes Bumble unique is that when you find a “connection”, only the women will be able to send a message to their match within the next 24 hours.

If you receive an icebreaker from a woman, you also have a 24 hour deadline to reply to it. Once you have shared messages, you don’t have to worry about the 24 hour limit. 

If you are worried about the 24-hour limit in messages, the app does offer a subscription known as the Bumble Boost.

Aside from the additional time to reply to messages, you will also get the chance to re-match with those connections which expired to give the women a chance to send you a message again. Prices start at $8.99 for a week subscription to $79.99 for a 6-month subscription. 

Bumble is available in both Google Play and the App Store


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, and you have certainly have heard of it. While it is also trending in the Philippines, it has some good and bad sides worth mentioning.

The biggest plus of Tinder is the volume. You will probably find more men and women looking for a date, if we are talking about absolute numbers.

The cons are Tinder are substantial though. Firstly, the lack of a more complete profile per user makes matching almost exclusively based on appearance, which is not necessarily a highly effective way to match people. Moreover, the amount of spam/scams is also pretty high.


Instagram is another app you may want to use to date, especially if you are a millennial or younger.

The main disadvantage of Instagram for dating is that it is not exactly a dating app, therefore it won’t be clear who is looking for what (although the photos help).

Why should you try online dating websites and apps to meet Filipinas?

When you meet Filipinas, you won’t just be getting their love and care when you date them, you will also gain a loving family at the same time.

They will show you a more positive and happier world and if you are feeling down, they are with you in a heartbeat. You will also feel their love in all the gestures they do and even the little things can make them happy. 

With their bubbly personality, you can easily feel reassured and make a rapport with them. If you get shy easily, online dating sites and apps will make it easy for you to meet these Filipinas who have the same interests and goals as you do. 

Using an online dating site or app is also cheaper than doing the traditional style of dating, which will require you to fly across the globe and book a hotel ticket.

Premium subscription only costs you a couple of dollars and opens more opportunities for you to reach more women. It is also great to use even if you are in the country itself and no one will judge you for it. 

With these apps, you can establish the rapport you both need to see if you will take it to the next level and eventually meet in real life. 

Get to know Filipinas Today!

All of the websites and apps we cited in this list are highly recommended and safe to use if you want to use them as a way to build relationships.

We hope that this basic guide gave you enough insight to try out these services and see if they fit your dating preferences. 

When you do use these apps or websites, make sure to take precautions because while these sites are verified, there may be users who are there to scam other users. If you can spare a few dollars, use the site’s premium subscription to reduce the risk of meeting scammers. Most of these sites offer stronger search filters to filter fake profiles. 

Meeting your ideal Filipina is easy to do if you know where to find them online. Once you dive into these sites or apps, you will find it easier to speak to women and open a world of opportunities which you may not have been able to do so before. Good luck! 

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