Best Dating Sites and Apps in The Balkans (2022 Update)

The Balkan region is a beautiful area in the world and home to interestingly affectionate, beautiful girls with unique characteristics.

Most women in the Balkans are also very open to dating – especially foreigners – and we’re here to make it easier for you to find them by sharing the best dating sites in the Balkans.

Here is a quick list first, in case you don’t want to go in depth with each and every one of them:

Because everything has moved online nowadays – including the dating scene. You can still get ahead of the pack and meet beautiful ladies from the Balkans using our tips in today’s article.

While many disagree on what countries compose this region, they are usually characterized as comprising Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia— with all or part of each of those countries located within the Balkan peninsula or very close by.

There is one thing that can be agreed upon, however. Meeting someone from the Balkans is a refreshing experience and visiting any country in the region will make you fall in love with how these people have managed to rise above all the political adversity and retain their shared habits as well as the traditions that are distinct in each country.

If you are interested to connect with a nice woman in the region in the hopes of establishing a relationship, then meeting them in an online dating website is the best option today.

To save you from the hassles of having to browse through bogus and seedy sites, we have come up with the list of the best dating sites in the Balkans. We have tried this and loved everything about them. We’re sure you’ll feel the same!

Everything you need to know about the best dating websites in the Balkans is right below.

We discuss in each review the joining process, the features available for your enjoyment as well as the available membership options – because you know you need a full membership to prove your future lady that you are no freeloader and can spare some dollars each month just to search for her – Miss Perfect.

Let’s go through each of the our top recommendations for dating sites in the Balkans.

1. Elena’s Models

Elena's models Balkans dating

This website is one of the longest operating online dating platforms catering to the Balkan area.

With more than 2 million active profiles, they have their niche in the online dating industry. There is a high level of quality interaction with detailed profiles from verified users.

While there are several negative reviews, many happy endings (no pun intended!) and successful contacts are being reported. In other words, this is pure heaven if you want to meet a girl from the Balkans.

Comprehensive Profiles

Elena’s Models allows you to browse the site free. Joining is simplifies as you can log in via your Google or Facebook account. You can also choose to manually input all relevant information details at the registration box.

All members need to accomplish the joining questionnaire which includes questions that will enhance your matching quality.

You will be asked details about your personality and dating goals as well as physical and personality attributes of your ideal match.

The Elena’s Models website will prompt you to answer several detailed profile questions at the start. This may be unusual since most dating sites will allow you to skip answering these questions for later.

This is because the site aims to increase quality matching and the small effort will pay off in the end.

In order for you to proceed, verification will be necessary from the link sent to the email account you provided. To further avail of the site perks, Elena’s models offers membership plans that can suit your needs.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Unlike most dating sites where you are offered only one method of subscription, Elena’s Models has both credit system and monthly subscription plans so you can choose the method you prefer.

Gold is the first tier of subscription. With this plan you can chat with up to 50 uses, allowing you both photo and video access. You can also send your interest to an unlimited number of users.

Platinum is a higher-level subscription with chat, video and photo access open and unlimited. Additionally, you can access the site’s direct contact data for users as well as video chat.

If you still think you need more, there is a higher tier available where you unlock all the perks and features of the site – chat, video and photo access as well as the video messaging, direct contact information as well as gifting options.

With this you can also add a coaching package which contains the whole part of coaching videos and PDF’s that will enhance your skills in getting the attention and scoring a date with a beautiful woman in the Balkans. A bit too much for most users who can definitely handle themselves without the extra knowledge!

If a subscription is not for you, you can also purchase credits which allows you to contact a set number of people, depending on the needs.

This last part is ideal if you have already found one (or a few) ladies that you want to constantly talk to.

Regional Trust and Expertise

Due to its longevity in the region, many women do trust their profiles with Elena’s models.

The administrators of the website conduct periodic security sweeps that detect spammy messages and spurious activities but all users must always exercise caution and prudence when exchanging details in the private chats and messages.

Elena’s Models prides itself for having all the necessary no-frills features and good 24/7 customer service, but most importantly, a huge number of female profiles scattered through the entire Balkan region. You will love it!

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2. International Cupid

International Cupid

A great way to connect with quality profiles from the Balkan region is through the main dating website of Cupid Media group which is International Cupid.

This is the biggest site available where you can find many quality members and actually search and narrow down the filters to singles in your area of choice in the Balkan region.

It also has a cool feature that allows you to meet up with someone of a particular nationality who is near your location or within your country of residence.

So even though this one is not directly aimed at the Balkan region, it’s perfect for those looking for an English speaking match there.

Easy Sign Up

Being a member of International Cupid is easy. With one click, you can register to join by linking your Facebook or Gmail account.

Immediately, you can view loads of members. Although the free registration allows you to skim the surface of this vast website and use the basic matching services, you can only reply to members who are paying subscribers.

Cupid Tags will also be available for you for free so you can narrow down your matching prospects.

At this point, you will be asked, but not required, to fill out detailed descriptions of yourself.

Do take the time to fill these out in the “Match” and “Personality” sections so you can put yourself out there perfectly.

If you are ready, do upload a video greeting which your profile visitors can click on and view. What if you want to do more?

Be a Subscriber and Enjoy the Perks

Free membership on International Cupid will only allow access to the basic matching feature. This means that you will have to go through an immense list of profiles to search for your compatible Balkan beauties.

Paid membership affords you many features that will save you time and effort – and heartache.

To avail of the full benefits and features of the site, you can sign up for premium membership. There are two premium subscriptions – Gold and Platinum.

Gold membership allows the following on top of the basic free services:

  • messaging to all site members
  • live chat in the site IM with unlimited ability to send and receive messages
  • anonymous and ad-free browsing

For the Platinum membership, you can access to more features like:

  • advanced algorithms match
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • larger profile space
  • ranked profiles
  • the very useful translation function

With International Cupid, you get to enjoy smooth and easy access to the website with their easy-to-use layout and friendly customer service. Just filter in the specific Balkan area of your choice and you’ll get to connect with many profiles.

You can also be assured that their administration conducts periodic sweeps of accounts to weed out fake profiles and scam artists.

An additional perk is that you get access to a wide range of Balkan singles, not only those living in their homeland, but also those who are residing abroad as well!

The Perfect Reason to Subscribe

When you cross country borders, you might encounter a language barrier. Most people from the Blakans are very conversant in English, but should you find yourself less confident in English or encounter a profile you want to know better, International Cupid has the Message Translation feature that allows texts to be translated instantly to the language you use and vice versa.

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3. Romania Kiss

romania kiss front page

Romania Kiss offers excellent regional matching through its unique membership and browsing strategy.

Here, the member has the power to determine the visibility of his account. Many women join the site from the Balkans as it has been growing in popularity with many of the male members coming from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

This website was originally focused on the Romanian market only, but it grew larger, offering the world access to more single ladies from the entire region. Really a hidden gem of sorts!

With the website being so popular – and with so many beautiful ladies in the region – you will surely have no problem finding the right girl here. Actually, you will find so many that it will be difficult to decide upon a single one!

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4. Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date

This international matching platform is connected to the international website It was launched officially in 1997, and you can imagine that it’s been around for that long because it knows what it does: that is connecting men and women from all over the world, with a huge number of ladies from the Balkans available.

So we can say that this site caters to matching women in the Balkan region with men from all over the world, particularly Europe, the United Kingdom and North America. Let’s take a look at the specifics of this site!

Sign Up and Link Up

After filling out the usual personal information needed in the registry form you are all set to go. Anastasia Date’s web design is quite user-friendly and easy to use.

You can easily edit your information at the “My Profile” link at any time. Upon joining, the online service automatically matches you with member profiles and they will send auto-generated messages through the compatibility algorithms that you hit. Don’t be surprised because writing messages is free of charge for women.

While it is free to browse the numerous detailed profiles, non-paying members have limited access to the site features.

In order to experience the full perks of the platform, you can purchase credits and take connecting online with your desired Balkan beauty up to the next level.

Credit Packages

For all functions apart from browsing, you will need credits, which are the site’s online currency. The more credits you buy, the higher the savings.

For example, a credit costs – at the moment of writing this article – as low as 40 cents, which is really a steal!

Various features have different credit costs and you will find an updated list when you sign-up as well as perks and promotions from time-to-time. So a live chat with a girl might cost a bit more than sending her a photo.

Features and Perks Available

You can use your credits to avail of the following features:

  • Search Filters (age, interests, specific country, or English-speaking skills)
  • ID look-up
  • Photo Attachments in Chat
  • Call Me Feature
  • Paid Live chat or CamShare
  • Chat Room Function
  • Real Gifts where you can send flowers, gifts and even English lessons!

Anastasia Date also has a feature where a translator can be present in a live phone call in case you really like a girl, but there’s a massive language barrier preventing you from chatting. Pretty cool!

Many of the women form the Balkan region do speak passable basic English, however, many are more comfortable expressing their deeper thoughts through a translator. This website has practically everything covered, which is a great thing for you!

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Why go the online dating route if you want to meet Balkan women?

If you are captivated by the culture of the Balkans, you are surely knowledgeable of the large area which it comprises.

You chance of meeting the perfect match will not be had by hopping form one country to another and spending every penny you have saved.

Our recommended dating websites have simplified this endeavor by connecting you with verified profiles of Balkan singles.

Save yourself the trouble of the airfare ticket, accommodation expenses, and most especially your precious time and effort! Digital technology has taken the guesswork out of matching individuals.

These dating websites have specially designed algorithms that allow you to be matched with like-minded singles from the Balkans – all you have to do is fill up your profile and the specifics of your preferred partner! That’s the millennium age for you.

The best dating websites for the Balkans will also provide you with excellent means of safe and secure communication options before you decide to finally disclose any personal contact details.

You grow your relationship and establish compatibility while ensuring that your privacy is protected. The costs of subscribing to a valid online dating service in the Balkans is minimal compared to any expenses incurred in travel or long-distance phone calls.

With all these basic concerns taken off your shoulders, you can focus on building meaningful relationships and enjoying the process as well.

Hit the Mark!

Achieve your intention of finding a Balkan partner by joining the top dating websites in the region.

We have weeded out the suspicious sites and come up with those that have the best features, top reputation and great roster of members. You can surf and join confidently knowing that your privacy is kept safe and secure.

Always keep in mind smart surfing when coming in contact with other member profiles in the private chats.

All your personal data and sensitive information must not be disclosed and any suspicious activity from another profile must be duly reported.

As much as website developers design security measures and create customer service teams, our online safety is always in our hands.

Connecting with people online for dating and more serious relationships is no trivial business. Our reviews aim to bring to you the best dating sites for meeting Balkan singles with safe and secure platforms, great membership profiles, and fun features.

Always remember to be prudent in disclosing private data in your communication with other members and always establish trust. Here’s to an enjoyable dating experience online!

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