Best Dating Sites and Apps in China 2021

Interested to find out where you can find single Chinese ladies looking for a date? Here’s our list of the best dating websites and apps you can use to find single Chinese ladies. These channels will also help you find the right partner that will match your preferences. 

When it comes to dating someone unique, you won’t go wrong with Chinese women. Chinese women are known for being practical and very loyal to the people they love. Although they may be a bit traditional at times, their dedication to their relationships bleeds through their actions and you will definitely feel it. 

Considering the fact they are now rivalling the US in many aspects, including internet usage, there are a lot of dating sites and apps that you can try out if you want to date a single Chinese woman. Sadly, not all of them can give you the opportunities you need to get a Chinese date so which one should you use for your needs?

To help you out with your dilemma, we checked all the sites and apps you can use to look for single Chinese ladies looking for a foreign date. Out of all these sites and apps, here’s our top recommendations to help you with your search. 

Note: it is recommended that you have a conversational level written and spoken Chinese for foreigners to be able to use get the full potential of these apps. 


When it comes to looking for single Chinese women (or men) looking for love, you definitely should consider ChinaLoveCupid. 

The site is part of the Cupid Media Company, the same company who owns the majority of the world’s top dating sites.

The site is very simple to use and will allow you to browse profiles of Chinese ladies looking for a relationship or long-term partnership. To begin with the site, you have to create a profile that lists down your details. Once verified, you will be able to start reaching out to other users by checking out the search engine or the recommendations tab. 

There are three membership levels available in ChinaLoveCupid. Each of them will allow users to use the advanced features of the site and browse the site without ads. 

Click here to join ChinaLoveCupid


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TanTan is China’s equivalent to Tinder, a location-based dating app where you can find people with similar interests and hobbies who are in your certain location. The apps started its operations in 2014 and currently boasts 36 million users worldwide. 

VIP membership is available for TanTan for just RMB 12 per month. You will be given unlimited swipes per day and be able to check profiles from other areas. 

Click here to check TanTan on the App Store and Play Store


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MOMO is another Chinese dating app, and similar to TanTan. The main reason is that this app uses your location to facilitate connections between people and get them to interact. The reason for this similarity is due to the fact it is the fact MOMO is the owner of Tantan and Tantan based its system on MOMO’s system. 

MOMO started its operations in 2011. It offers a unique way to not just meet new people, but also do a variety of recreational activities with them. Users can also share texts, pictures, voice clips, videos and many others in the app similar to how they would use social media. There’s even a livestreaming function where users can share talk shows, games, music and other events easily. 

Like TanTan, MOMO has a RMB 12 VIP membership fee per month if you wish to get premium features like search filters, larger location finder and ability to use conversation stickers. 

Click here to check MOMO website


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Another unique dating app that you can try out if you wish to date single Chinese women is Soul. 

Launched in 2015, this unique app uses a personality test to see who your ideal partner should be. They will use the answers in the personality test to link you to people with the same answers as you do. When you get a match, you can do a video date, voice date, text chat or location-based date. If you use the video speed date option, you will be able to hide your identity until you can reach out to them. There is also the “Square” function where you can check another person’s post and start speaking to them. 

The app does offer a premium membership fee. For RMB 20 you can lift your video upload limit. It also helps getting improved search results and get more decorations for your profile. 

Click here to check Soul in the Play Store or in the App Store

Let’s have dinner »* – 请吃饭 – qǐng chī fàn

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Want to have a nice date over some great food? Let’s have dinner is the app you should try out. 

The app works by letting men propose a dinner date and let their female users check their proposals. Female users can sign up for the dinner date and start their communication in the dinner. Women can also propose a dinner date as well to male users if they so wish. Not only will you be able to impress them with food, you also get to know each other as you eat. 

Click here to visit qing chi fan on the App Store or for Android

Why should you try online dating sites and apps to meet Chinese ladies?

Thanks to the improvement of technology in China, a majority of single women in the country are now looking online for people to make connections with and even date. Their social media presence is overwhelming.

If you check the China-only social media sites, you will see how crucial it is to try using online dating sites and apps cated to the Chinese market if you want to date a Chinese woman. Most of them will be on these apps and sites trying to find the people they are destined to be with. 

It is also ideal to use these channels to save up money. Flying to China is not simple and most foreigners need a visa. Airfare and accommodations are also another issue as it may take thousands of dollars to go to China and even stay there for a few days. 

With online dating sites and apps, you don’t have to spend thousands just to find a date. Simply check the apps, pay a small premium monthly and you will be able to find them easily. 

These channels will also make it easier for you to meet people, especially if you find it hard to speak to them in person for the first time. With these channels, you can speak to them as slow and clearly as you can and build your rapport before you fly over to see them. 

Check these Channels Today!

Getting to know Chinese women is easy if you know where to find them and how to speak to them. With these apps and websites we listed above, you will be able to put a step to the right direction and open opportunities for you to get to know them.

These channels we listed are highly recommended. However, each have their own pros that you may want to try out to find your perfect date. 

As we noted above, it is important that you are able to read and speak Chinese to use these apps. While you can use Google Translate to translate some of the things in the app, it may not be accurate. Make it a point to familiarize yourself with the language before you use these sites or check if  the app or site you selected has a language setting.

It is also important that you check the profiles of the people you meet in these sites. Not all of them may be there to find a relationship. 

We wish you luck and hope this guide assisted in you in some way! 

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