About us

Welcome to Dating Everywhere, the top website for online dating guides! Created by two friends who love traveling the world (and who got to appreciate the power of online dating as a result), this blog will help you find the best dating resources no matter where you plan to go next.

We have tested tens of websites over the years, then switched to mobile apps and got back to traditional sites. We met countless women this way, many of which we’re still friends with even today, even after our paths have separated. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get your dating game on and do it safely, online.

In the crowded and competitive world of dating, there are few (if any) things that streamline the process and make it easier than online dating apps and sites. This is what we plan to teach you anyway and we’re sure that you’ll wholeheartedly agree after you try one of our recommended websites or apps.

Now read on to find you a thing or two about the co-owners of this blog, Alejandro and Luciano.


Luciano DatingEverywhere

Originally from Romania, this guy started to think about becoming a digital nomad back in 2008, when Thailand and the Philippines weren’t as popular as they are today. Back then, you were meeting girls online by completing quizzies on OK Cupid and trying to boost your profile on Hi5, but fortunately things have changed a lot ever since.

Never a fan of Tinder, Luciano prefers the safety and complexity of traditional dating websites where you pay a premium for a A+ experience. User profiles, messages and this entire package are what make for a perfect prospect of a new relationship.

He’s now spending most of his time exploring countries in SEA (mostly Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia), but also makes the random trip back home in Europe for a change of scenery.

He’ll share with you thoughts about girls in various countries that he visited over the years, as well as the best websites you can create an account on in order to get your game on easily and find your next match without problems.



Alejandro is an eccentric guy with a lot of sense of humour. A great fan of psychology and technology, Alejandro is always up to the latest trends in online dating.

An avid traveler, Alejandro currently splits his time between central Asia (Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) during summer, and Central America in winter (where it is always summer).

Alejandro wants to simplify and provide an unbiased opinion for online dating, especially for those looking to find love in a different country. He believes that despite online dating being popular everywhere, the subtle regional differences should be taken into consideration to stay ahead of the game.

His favorite animal is the sloth.